Horner’s Stunned Reaction To FIA Restrictions On Iconic F1 Team Pitwall Celebrations

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This weekend, the people running the Australian Grand Prix told all F1 teams that they’re not allowed to climb on and lean through their pits walls to cheer when their drivers achieve good results. This means no more of this long-established tradition at F1 events anymore, and breaking these rules can lead to penalties.

Last race, Red Bull and Aston Martin mechanics had to climb very high on the pit wall fence in Jeddah. They also did this in the first race of this season which is in Bahrain. Because of this, the FIA (that’s who runs the races) decided that they had to start paying closer attention to this rule. The reason is because things could go wrong if something falls onto the track or if a car crashes and causes debris to fly around.

When someone asked him what he thought about the move by F1Flow.com at that press conference in Melbourne, Horner responded by saying that he was surprised it became an issue. He mentioned that when a car completes a race and its team celebrates on the fence, it is a very iconic moment – as long as it is done in a safe way, there’s no problem with this action.

At Red Bull Racing, we have had a total of 94 wins and not once did we experience any injuries or dangerous situations. Even though the rules are in place, it is still an exciting moment when Max Verstappen takes the chequered flag and all team members celebrate his victory on the pit wall.

Horner and the McLaren boss, Zak Brown, weren’t sure what caused them to change it. But they knew safety was incredibly important so they followed the rules.

The boss of the Aston team, Mike Krack, made it clear that if his drivers Fernando Alonso or Lance disobey any rules at a future race, they won’t have to pay a fine. The stewards had said they would consider making them pay money instead of giving them a punishment for breaking the rules.

Krack said that we should follow safety rules and if someone breaks them at Aston, they will be fined. It won’t be easy to jump fences because there are lots of glass walls around the Albert Park pit straight. This could help us avoid a difficult situation in the future.

We discovered something really important during Friday’s practices at the 2023 Australian Grand Prix in Formula 1 (F1). The lead person for the Red Bull F1 team disagreed with a suggestion that their team should only have one car.

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