Horner: Ricciardo Fulfills “All Expectations” in Return to F1

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After leaving McLaren and becoming Red Bull’s third driver, Ricciardo was called to Red Bull’s sibling team to take the place of Nyck de Vries in Hungary.

In the two races leading up to the summer break, the 34-year-old Australian has demonstrated a resurgence in his competitive prowess, surpassing team-mate Yuki Tsunoda during qualifying in Hungary and at Spa’s sprint shootout. Unfortunately, a laptime deletion in the Belgian Grand Prix prevented him from advancing to Q2.

He managed to make a strong impression on the team by fighting back to 13th in Hungary after being caught at the back of the pack due to a starting chaos. However, this feat wasn’t replicated in Belgium, as the team struggled to free him from traffic. Meanwhile, Tsunoda secured a critical point by finishing 10th for the struggling Faenza team.

Red Bull’s team boss Horner praised Ricciardo before the race weekend, affirming that he had lived up to all expectations set by Red Bull and AlphaTauri.

Horner said, “I believe he fulfilled it. Observing his performance at Silverstone during the tyre test, I realized that expectations shifted, and he satisfied all of them.”

He further stated that Ricciardo’s wealth of experience and perhaps some direction, as a grand prix winner, has been of immense value to AlphaTauri. “He indeed conducted himself excellently,” he added.

AlphaTauri’s technical director Jody Egginton commented on Ricciardo’s second race since his return at Spa, acknowledging the challenges Daniel faced: “Daniel found it more challenging, spending a considerable portion of the race stuck in traffic.”

“We couldn’t get him into a clear space to string together robust laps, as he did successfully in Hungary. It was a pity. Nevertheless, his potent performance in the Sprint race indicates that we are moving forward.”

Franz Tost, the team boss, also expressed optimism, saying, “Although we still lack some load on the car, I’m certain that as Daniel gets more accustomed to the car and tyres, he’ll perform exceptionally well.”

Reflecting on the initial phase of his comeback, Ricciardo expressed satisfaction, considering the short amount of time he’s had with the car. He views the two additional races before the summer break as a potential advantage as the 2023 season continues at the end of August.

He said, “I’m genuinely pleased I had these two races before the break, as they provide material for reflection and improvement, and allow me to engage the team with questions.”

He added, “Considering everything, I hadn’t driven this car just nine days ago, so in light of that, I believe we’re on the right track.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword: Ricciardo

What was Ricciardo’s role after his exit from McLaren and who did he replace at Red Bull’s sister team?

Ricciardo became Red Bull’s third driver after leaving McLaren and was drafted to Red Bull’s sibling team, AlphaTauri, to replace Nyck de Vries in Hungary.

How has Ricciardo performed in his comeback races?

Ricciardo has demonstrated a resurgence in his competitive form, outqualifying his teammate in Hungary and Spa, and impressing the team with his ability to fight back in the race. His performance in the Belgian Grand Prix was hindered by traffic.

What did Red Bull team boss Horner say about Ricciardo’s performance?

Horner praised Ricciardo’s performance, stating that he fulfilled all expectations that Red Bull and AlphaTauri had set for him. He acknowledged Ricciardo’s experience and believes he conducted himself excellently.

How does Ricciardo feel about his comeback campaign?

Ricciardo expressed satisfaction with how his comeback campaign has started, considering the limited time he’s had with the car. He sees the two additional races before the summer break as a potential advantage and thinks the team is on the right track.

What challenges did Ricciardo face in his second race since his return at Spa?

He spent a significant part of the race in traffic, which made it difficult for him to string together robust laps, unlike what he achieved in Hungary. The team’s inability to get him into a clear space was considered unfortunate.

What is team boss Franz Tost’s outlook on Ricciardo’s future with the car?

Franz Tost is optimistic about Ricciardo’s future with the car and believes that once he becomes more familiar with the car and tires, he will perform exceptionally well.

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TechnicalTim August 11, 2023 - 1:17 pm

the technical challenges at Spa were unfortunate. But Daniels experience will help the team grow. I’m excited for the next race.

SpeedLover August 12, 2023 - 6:30 am

Daniel’s really a fighter, huh? going from the rear in Hungary to 13th, thats some skill. Shame about Belgium though.

F1Fanatic89 August 12, 2023 - 6:35 am

Ricciardo’s been amazing since his come back! Can’t wait to see what he does next season, The experience he’s bringing to AlphaTauri is clearly showing.

AussieFan August 12, 2023 - 10:21 am

My man Ricciardo never disappoints! Im glad he got these two races in before the break, He’ll come back even stronger. Go Daniel!

RaceGuru42 August 12, 2023 - 10:57 am

Horner seems to have a lot of faith in Ricciardo! Its great to hear a team boss be so supportive, AlphaTauri seems to be the right fit for him.


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