Horner – Red Bull Need To Make Hay Before Rivals Catch Up

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The Milton Keynes team is off to a great start this year, coming in 1st and 2nd place at the first two races. However, their boss expects other teams to keep competing and catch up soon, so he says Red Bull needs to take advantage of their good start. He said “It has only been two races out of the total 23 for the season, so it’s too soon to tell how things will turn out.”

We’ll be racing in Australia in about a week, and we’re trying to make the car perform better. The rules for this type of race are still pretty new, only two years old. Things will probably get more competitive as the year goes on and the field of racers gets closer together.

Sergio Perez of Red Bull Racing was getting ready on the grid. His team’s manager, Horner, wanted to be sure that his team did well with the RB19 car despite being limited by the money rules. That’s why he said it was important for everyone to make use of the advantage they have now and keep pushing until the end of the season.

The other teams have had to work hard and spend a lot of money to make sure they stayed competitive like we did, said the leader. It was really important for us to do well right away, since the wind tunnel rules changed last October.

We had to hit our goal because if we didn’t, it would be impossible to fix the problem with that disadvantage. The team did an outstanding job and we got really good results for the start of the season. Even though only two races are over, there were two victories and we are just one point away from getting full points – something we could have never imagined at the beginning of this season!

When asked how pleased he was with the successful start, he answered that the entire team should be credited for the result. Everyone is doing their part and contributing – from the aerodynamics team to the design office, vehicle dynamics team, production area, and all those related to business operations.

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