Horner: Lawson Diving Headfirst into F1’s Dutch Grand Prix Debut

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New Zealand’s own Liam Lawson is stepping up to the AlphaTauri plate this weekend, after Daniel Ricciardo found himself with a fractured hand trying to dodge a crash involving Oscar Piastri during the FP2 session.

Ricciardo was promptly rushed to a local hospital, and the Red Bull crew soon received the news that he’d be a no-go for the rest of the weekend’s festivities.

Lawson, who’s been making waves as a leading competitor in Super Formula, is no stranger to the Zandvoort circuit. He duked it out in last year’s F2 event there and has spent some quality time with the AlphaTauri engineers.

His past stints include completing the 2021 Abu Dhabi rookie test with the Faenza-based squad and taking part in two FP1 sessions earlier this year in Belgium and Mexico. Lawson also clocked in more F1 track time in Abu Dhabi, where he partook in FP1 sessions with Red Bull, before serving in a rookie test for the senior team at the same location.

Christian Horner, the man with the insights, acknowledges that Lawson is diving into turbulent waters. With only one practice session and a car he’s hardly familiar with, all at one of the most challenging circuits, Lawson has his work cut out for him. However, Horner remains optimistic.

“He’s the go-to reserve driver for both teams, precisely for situations like this,” Horner told Sky F1, discussing Lawson’s mental prep ahead of his first F1 run. “In the world of Formula 1, it’s all about seizing opportunities. One driver’s mishap becomes another’s golden ticket. I’m confident he’ll hold his own.”

Trackside officials have been busy restoring barriers and tending to Ricciardo’s damaged AlphaTauri AT04.

Photo Credit: Simon Galloway / F1 Flow Images

Horner was explicit in stating that Ricciardo will definitely not be resuming his driving duties this weekend. “The man’s got a broken hand,” Horner added. “It’s a real downer for him, especially as he was nailing that session. By the time Oscar even saw him, it was too late to avoid the crash. It’s the jerk from the steering wheel that did the damage. It’s a bummer, but at least his spirits are high.”

Also worth noting, Ricciardo is set to be under the care of Dr. Xavier Mir, a medical guru known for his work with MotoGP riders and who played a pivotal role in Lance Stroll’s speedy recovery from a biking accident earlier this year.

“You’ve got to take it one step at a time,” concluded Horner. “He’s got a solid medical team around him. These racers bounce back incredibly fast. Just look at Lance, who had even more serious injuries earlier this year. Daniel’s a tough nut to crack. He’ll be itching to get back behind the wheel as soon as humanly possible.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Liam Lawson’s F1 Dutch GP Debut

Who is replacing Daniel Ricciardo in the AlphaTauri team for the Dutch Grand Prix?

New Zealand racer Liam Lawson is filling in for Daniel Ricciardo in the AlphaTauri car for the Dutch Grand Prix. Ricciardo suffered a hand injury during the FP2 session, rendering him unable to race for the rest of the weekend.

How did Daniel Ricciardo sustain his injury?

Daniel Ricciardo broke a bone in his hand while attempting to avoid a collision with Oscar Piastri’s crashed car during FP2. He was immediately taken to a local hospital where it was confirmed he couldn’t drive for the rest of the weekend.

Is Liam Lawson familiar with the Zandvoort track and the AlphaTauri team?

Yes, Liam Lawson participated in last year’s F2 event at Zandvoort, and he has prior experience working with the AlphaTauri engineers. He has also clocked in F1 track time with AlphaTauri and the senior Red Bull team in various sessions, including rookie tests.

What challenges does Lawson face in his F1 debut?

Lawson faces the challenge of adapting quickly to a new car and managing limited practice time at one of F1’s more challenging circuits, Zandvoort. Team principal Christian Horner acknowledges the difficulty but remains optimistic about Lawson’s ability to cope.

How long is Ricciardo expected to be out of racing?

The text doesn’t specify the duration of Ricciardo’s recovery period, but he’s expected to be under the care of Dr. Xavier Mir, known for working with MotoGP riders and aiding in speedy recoveries.

Is there a chance that Ricciardo will return to race this weekend?

No, Christian Horner confirmed that Ricciardo will not be able to return to the cockpit for the remainder of the Dutch Grand Prix weekend due to his hand injury.

Who is in charge of Ricciardo’s medical care?

Dr. Xavier Mir will be treating Daniel Ricciardo. Dr. Mir is renowned for his work with MotoGP riders and played a key role in Lance Stroll’s quick recovery from a cycling accident earlier this year.

What is Christian Horner’s take on the situation?

Christian Horner, the team principal, is confident that Liam Lawson, the reserve driver for both Red Bull and AlphaTauri, will be able to handle the pressure and challenges of his F1 debut. He sees the situation as an opportunity for Lawson to show his skills at the highest level of motor racing.

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TechnoHead August 26, 2023 - 10:44 am

Dr. Xavier Mir, isn’t that the guy who’s a legend in MotoGP? If he’s on the case, Ricciardo’s gonna be back before we know it.

MovieBuff101 August 26, 2023 - 12:16 pm

If Lawson’s debut is as dramatic as a blockbuster movie, I’m all in! Talk about zero to hero, fingers crossed for the young gun.

MusicToMyEars August 26, 2023 - 6:35 pm

Lawson’s the new rockstar of F1, calling it now. This weekend’s gonna be a concert and he’s the main act.

StatsGeek August 26, 2023 - 9:06 pm

Love how the article digs into stats and history. Makes the upcoming race even more exciting, can’t wait for the stats post-race!

Sarah_the_Critic August 26, 2023 - 10:35 pm

Horner always finds a way to stay positive. i mean, “one person’s misfortune is another’s fortune?” He’s got a way with words.

AussieMate August 27, 2023 - 1:32 am

Hope Ricciardo recovers soon, he’s a tough cookie. Who knows, Dr. Mir might just pull a magic trick and get him back in the game quickly!

WannabeRacer August 27, 2023 - 1:40 am

one practice session and Lawson’s gonna race? thats gutsy man, real gutsy.

GeekyGuru August 27, 2023 - 5:27 am

Lawson gets to work with the AlphaTauri engineers again? Thats cool, it’s like a techy reunion haha. Plus, Zandvoort is a beast of a track. Can’t wait!

Annie_Opinionated August 27, 2023 - 5:36 am

Red Bull and AlphaTauri always keep things interesting. One drama ends, another begins. It’s like a never-ending soap opera, but with fast cars.

RacingFan83 August 27, 2023 - 7:34 am

Man, feel bad for Ricciardo. He was doin good this season. But Lawson, this guy is a talent, for sure. Can’t wait to see what he pulls off!


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