Hamilton Cheers Brazilian Court’s Ruling Against Piquet

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Last week, Piquet was given a big fine of $950,000 by a Brazilian court for something he said on a podcast back in November 2021. It was about the race between Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the British Grand Prix. Afterward, Piquet said sorry and admitted that what he said was wrong.

The person said that the words used had no bad or mean intention and was used as ‘nickname’ for someone in Brazil, which they thought would not make anyone offended.

Four organizations then took some steps to deal with it and one of them was the National LGBT+ Alliance of Brazil.

Nelson Piquet was sued for 10 million Reals (around £1.58m) because of the bad things he said about racism and homophobia, which caused emotional harm. However, the judge ruled that Nelson had to pay only half this amount as punishment for his actions. The judge said that this fine is not just to repair some damage but also to stop more people from doing similar bad things in future.

When someone asked him about it in Melbourne on Thursday, Hamilton was happy that something got done to fix the problem.

He said, “I remember talking about it before and I still think we shouldn’t let people spread hatred have a platform. It’s awesome for Brazil for taking action and showing everyone it won’t be accepted.”

It’s not okay to be racist or homophobic and our society shouldn’t accept such attitudes. It’s great to see countries standing up against such things like Uganda who passed a bill with a death penalty for homosexuality. Sadly, there are over thirty countries in Africa and the Middle East that have laws in place punishing those who identify as LGBTQ+. We can learn a lot from these governments and it’s important that we take action.

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