Get Racing Paddocks Moving: How Lando Norris’s F1 Dad is Taking Action

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Adam Norris, who used to manage a big British pension plan, made his own electric scooter business called Pure Electric. He only started this new project because his son Lando signed with a famous F1 race car team named McLaren. This way Adam can stay busy and have something else to focus on, since Lando is now taken care of by an amazing racing team.

Before McLaren, Lando’s management team had an extremely hectic job looking after him. They would spend five days a week with him and also had to manage the financial side of things. But as soon as Lando signed with McLaren it was like “here you go!” and they stepped back. The main goal was to see if he could make it in F1 and now he is doing well there.

Lando Norris of McLaren MCL34 says he still attends some races, but the team is so skilled they don’t need him anymore. So instead, Lando works on a special project five to six days each week.

Adam Pure has built a new range of eco-friendly e-scooters, which are designed and priced to meet people’s different needs. He got his idea from racing paddocks when Lando was competing in Formula One. Adam wanted to create a way for people to move around with zero emissions efficiently over long distances.

Lando’s innovative company designed compact and fast e-scooters that have become very popular in the world of motorsports! In fact, two race teams have already ordered 30 of them combined. Lando has so many fond memories of participating in karts races to F1 events with awesome people!

Going to a large race, like Silverstone, can feel overwhelming for any competitor. Even if the pits are far away from the parking lot it all must be navigated. Lando experienced this when he was at Daytona 24 Hours and had to walk a long way from the car park to reach the pits or RV or wherever else he needed to go.

F1Flow and horse riding are activities that require a lot of moving around. It’s really surprising, but motorsport is currently the number one sport we are selling products in.

Our product can be folded up, put in the back of a car and taken any where to race. It makes moving around inside the racing paddock really easy. Plus, Pure Electric e-scooters also want to make an important difference for people all over the world.

Norris said, “We are polluting too much and it has to stop. We need to do something about pollution in cities, which is getting really bad.” Norris likes cars a lot and usually drives fancy ones like Aston Martins, Porsches and Mercedes. But recently he switched to hybrid Range Rover and electric Porsche Taycan because he realizes how important it is to take responsibility towards the environment.

In 2019, Norris started selling the Pure Air, a special electric scooter that was much cheaper than other similar ones from China. Over time, he made improvements to it and instead of trying to make it even cheaper, Norris wanted to make a higher quality product for the rich customers.

Our idea was to make the safest, most compact, portable, practical and beautiful e-scooter on the market. We’re aiming for a Dyson-style product that’s as good as an Audi or Porsche – something you’ll be proud to own because it’s way better than anything else available.

The Pure Advance e-scooter has two fold-up floorboards that make it different from regular scooters, because you stand with your feet parallel to the direction of travel instead of having one foot in front of the other. The low center of gravity helps you steer better, and it’s designed this way for your safety.

The bike is lightweight, but durable since it is made with an aluminium alloy frame. It has a 37 Volt and 9.6 Amp-hour Lithium-ion battery with a waterproof rating so you can ride even in the rain. There’s also turn signals that make your bike more visible to others when you’re on the road.

The Advance model has an electric motor which can reach speeds of up to 15.5 mph and take you up to 24.8 miles away. The Advance+ model has a bigger power unit, allowing the same top speed but it can travel even further – 31 miles!

Norris said it’s very useful for students because they can have something nice at a low cost instead of buying a car.

E-scooters are becoming more and more popular because they usually cost much less than cars, even the most expensive ones. The Advance is a great choice for anyone looking for a good value, since it comes with awesome features, high-quality materials, and the latest technology.

Pure Electric scooters is a company based in the UK that currently sells its products in the UK, France, Spain and Belgium. The company has plans to expand into the US market sometime in August 2023, and will later enter Dubai and Saudi Arabia during the same year. To find out more about Pure Electric Scooters, check out this article on InsideEVs.

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