Get a Taste of Supercars Down Under: How Gasly and Ocon Sampled the Aussie Scene

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Jack Doohan, a driver from Alpine Academy, teamed up with Thomas Randle to do an exciting activity called Castrol activation. They drove Thomas Randle’s Tickford Mustang together. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Last year during the Australian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso also drove Thomas’ Mustang around Albert Park.

In 2019, Castrol allowed Daniel Ricciardo to drive a Nissan Altima Supercar on the road course at Calder.

Gasly was amazed by this exciting experience and said “That was insane!” His first time driving on an oval was incredible, he wished he could have done 10 more laps afterwards.

“I had so much fun driving a car that was totally different from what I’m used to.”

Former DTM driver Ocon experienced the thrill of driving a Supercar, but he had to be careful because it was raining and someone else would drive it in a race at Albert Park tomorrow.

Ocon said “It was really great and fun to have this experience, as the car will be racing tomorrow too so that means we had a big responsibility. I enjoy trying out new types of vehicles and this proved to be one of my top experiences yet.”

“The car accelerates extremely fast – it was rainy today, so we were on wet tyres, but it’s definitely a proper Supercar! I’ve driven closed-cockpit competitions before, but this is one of the best for sure.”

I really love driving at Bathurst, even though I’m only doing it in simulators. Someday I will experience this place in real life! Doohan was amazed when he came to see the Mustang and Thunderdome (which is now gone). He said that the banking here is amazing!

I had never been behind the wheel of this car before, but it was awesome! It had a lot of power, and driving it felt so cool, even though the roads were slippery, greasy, and a bit wet.

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