George Russell Blasts FIA for Unnecessary First Red Flag During Race

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The race was stopped on lap nine out of 58 because Alex Albon crashed his car into a wall. A safety car was sent out, but the race was still paused because the track had to be cleaned up from all the dirt and rubble. The race got paused twice more due to accidents involving Kevin Magnussen and when it restarted again, there were a lot of crashes.

After a short pause, the race ended early with all the cars too damaged to keep going. Haas driver Nico Hulkenberg got moved down from fourth place to seventh in the final order when results were determined by where each car was on the track before the collisions occurred.

Recently, the FIA received criticism for having a safety car at the Saudi Arabian GP because there were some camera angles that didn’t show Lance Stroll had parked his race car in an escape road.

Before the red flag was waved, George Russell was in first place but then he had to pit for tyres during the safety car period and he dropped back to seventh. But when the race was stopped, it allowed Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton to get new tyres without cost.

Russell did not think the FIA handled the situation well. He said “Bringing out the red flag was unnecessary. There was some gravel on the track, but there was still a good place to race. We’ve seen much worse conditions in the past”. He also recalled last week’s incident when they brought out the safety car even though the car was off-track.

A photo was taken of Alex Albon’s damaged car, the Williams FW45, being taken off the track by Marshalls. Everyone is trying to agree with the FIA (governing body) but it seems to be a bit hard. George Russell said he did great on his Australian Grand Prix weekend so past his first F1 victory in Brazil last year.

Lando Norris, a McLaren driver, suggested that the red flags were not really to keep everyone safe but more like a way to make the race more interesting.

After finishing in sixth place, he said: “This red flagging seems like it was just for show. I’m the one driving the car so I feel like I could have been incredibly unlucky with no reason at all. Near the end, there were people going off and suddenly I had to swerve which could have caused me and Nico Hulkenberg to crash. All because they are trying to put on a show, my luck can be taken away any time.”

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