Gasly Expresses Confusion Over F1 Stewards’ Decision to Spare Stroll from Penalty

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Pierre Gasly was left bewildered by the Formula 1 stewards’ choice not to penalize Lance Stroll following their on-track clash. The incident occurred when Stroll overtook Gasly off the track to secure 11th position, and they later collided at another point in the race.

While Gasly suffered suspension damage that ended his race, Stroll received a five-second penalty for causing the collision. Speaking to F1 about the incident, Gasly expressed his disappointment and confusion regarding the stewards’ decision.

Gasly stated, “To me, it was quite evident, and it has always been stated in the regulations that a driver cannot leave the track and gain an advantage. From what I observed, Stroll had all four wheels off the track while overtaking me, which undeniably provides an advantage.”

He continued, “I was penalized 15 seconds last weekend for exceeding track limits, yet today, I lose a position because someone went off the track without consequences. In Formula 2, Victor Martins received a five-second penalty for the exact same infraction. This inconsistency is incredibly perplexing to me.”

Gasly highlighted the sequence of events that followed the incident, emphasizing his disappointment. He remarked, “After Stroll’s collision, I had to get back behind him. Eventually, I managed to pass him on the outside of Turn 7 after overtaking Carlos there. But then, in the last chicane, Lance takes us out of the race. It’s disheartening because the first part of the race was going well. We were pursuing Fernando, maintaining good speed. I just lacked straight-line speed to make a move. Nonetheless, being part of that pack felt promising, but unfortunately, all our efforts were ruined by what followed.”

Regarding the incident, Gasly maintained, “If a driver goes off the racetrack, they should give the position back. It’s as simple as that. This is what I’ve been taught about racing by the FIA. I’ve paid the price in various situations. The lack of consistency is unfair. Next race, overtaking off the track might be allowed, and suddenly, a five-second penalty could be imposed. I find it difficult to comprehend. It’s a matter of black and white. Track limits are clearly defined. You are either on or off the track. Going off the track to gain an advantage warrants a five-second penalty or requires giving the position back. This inconsistency keeps occurring. It happened with Victor this morning. I just don’t understand it.”

Gasly acknowledged that he could have possibly provided more space for Stroll on the outside but insisted that he had allowed for at least one wheel to be on the racing line. He expressed his intention to seek clarification from the FIA regarding the incident, emphasizing the need for clear guidelines. Furthermore, Gasly mentioned that he would discuss the matter with Stroll directly.

He said, “We are racing at speeds of 350 km/h, encountering different situations. Last week, we were penalized for things where we felt the warnings were not properly given. In this particular situation, as soon as I saw Stroll going off the racetrack, I assumed he would give the position back. I spent three laps behind him, losing time in his gearbox, which shouldn’t have been the case. I’m simply asking for consistency. If certain actions are allowed, then fine, but they must be permitted for everyone.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Formula 1 stewards’ decision

Q: What was the incident between Gasly and Stroll in the F1 race?

A: Gasly and Stroll had a tussle during the race where Stroll overtook Gasly off the track. They later collided at another point in the race, resulting in terminal suspension damage for Gasly.

Q: Why was Gasly frustrated with the F1 stewards’ decision?

A: Gasly was frustrated because the stewards decided not to penalize Stroll for going off the track and gaining an advantage during the overtake. Gasly believed that the regulations clearly state that a driver cannot leave the track to gain an advantage.

Q: Did Gasly receive any penalty for the incident?

A: No, Gasly did not receive any penalty for the incident. Only Stroll received a five-second penalty for causing the collision.

Q: How did Gasly feel about the lack of consistency in the penalties?

A: Gasly expressed confusion and disappointment regarding the inconsistency in penalties. He mentioned that in a previous race, he had received a penalty for exceeding track limits, while Stroll’s similar action did not result in a penalty.

Q: What was Gasly’s perspective on track limits and gaining an advantage?

A: Gasly believed that track limits should be clear-cut, with drivers either on or off the track. He emphasized that going off the track to gain an advantage should result in a penalty or require the position to be given back.

Q: What was Gasly’s plan of action following the incident?

A: Gasly intended to seek clarification from the FIA regarding the incident and the consistency of penalties. He also mentioned his intention to discuss the incident directly with Stroll.

More about Formula 1 stewards’ decision

  • F1 – Source of the interview with Gasly about the incident.
  • Formula 2 – Mentioned as an example where a penalty was given for a similar incident.
  • FIA – The governing body of Formula 1 and motorsport, responsible for setting and enforcing the regulations.

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SpeedDemon22 July 10, 2023 - 6:56 am

it’s frustratin to see the inconsistency in f1 penalties. gasly is right to be confused. the stewards should follow the same rules for everyone. it’s a mess!

RacingAce88 July 10, 2023 - 7:39 am

gasly’s got a point. if you go off the track, you gotta give the posish back. it’s not rocket science! f1 stewards need to get their act together and make clear rules!

TrackLimitsExpert July 10, 2023 - 10:39 am

gasly’s argument about track limits is spot on. you can’t just go off the track to gain an advantage. the stewards should enforce the rules properly. it’s about fair play!

StrollFanatic July 10, 2023 - 1:04 pm

gasly needs to chill. accidents happen in racing! no need to get all worked up about it. the stewards made the right call. it’s just part of the sport!

F1Fan123 July 10, 2023 - 2:53 pm

gasly is totally rite! how come they no penalize stroll for goin off track?? it’s not fair i tell ya! givin an advantage and nothin happens?? come on stewards, be consistent!


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