Gasly Deems Sainz’s F1 Blocking as “Extremely Risky” and “Uncalled For”

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During his final speedy lap attempt in the session, Gasly came across a cluster of cars, including Sainz, at the concluding turn. Sainz, moving at a remarkably slow pace, was about to commence his own lap.

Failing to complete his lap due to this incident, Gasly couldn’t advance beyond the 17th position in the session, whereas Sainz, qualifying eighth, received a subsequent three-place grid penalty for hindering the Alpine driver.

The incident in Montreal occurred after Gasly himself faced penalties for obstructing both Sainz and Max Verstappen during qualifying in Spain, although it had no ultimate effect on either driver’s grid position.

“Carlos’ driving was entirely unacceptable, plain and simple,” remarked Gasly when probed about Sainz by F1 “Approaching at 300, he was just lingering at 30kph in the final chicane, purely focused on his own lap.

“But he wasn’t the only one on the track. First and foremost, I couldn’t finish my lap, which could have easily positioned us within the top six.

“Moreover, it was dangerously risky and absolutely unnecessary. I’m genuinely disappointed.”

Pierre Gasly, Alpine A523

Photo by: Sam Bloxham / F1 Flow Images

Gasly added, “I’m stuck at P17 when our car and pace have the potential to reach the top 10, or even the top six under such conditions.

“A similar situation occurred the other day, but those guys ended up at P1 and P2, and it didn’t affect their Sunday.

“Now I’m stuck at P17, and it undeniably spoilt my qualifying and significantly affects my race. Frankly, it’s unacceptable.”

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On being asked if he perceived a solution to the issue of drivers holding up, Gasly stated, “I believe a review is necessary as such incidents seem recurrent. Penalties were given in Monaco and Barcelona, and again this weekend.

“It wasn’t such an issue in the past. So perhaps it’s something to do with driver communication, I’m unsure, but a review is definitely needed considering the escalating risks.”

Gasly was firm in his assertion that he could have registered a fast lap if he hadn’t been forced to discontinue.

“It was my top lap, the track conditions were continually improving,” he stated. “On my previous lap, I was cooling down, and I believe I was improving by about one and a half seconds. So, the data suggests I could have easily landed in P6.

“Even if they held me back by a couple of tenths, it doesn’t matter. At least I could have completed my lap and proceeded without any issues.

“Choosing the worst possible place to station your car is extremely risky, especially considering the speed I was at. It not only puts him but also me in a precarious position. It’s just completely unnecessary.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gasly-Sainz F1 incident

What incident occurred between Gasly and Sainz in the F1 qualifying round?

During an F1 qualifying session, Pierre Gasly encountered Carlos Sainz moving very slowly towards the end of his fast lap, causing Gasly to abandon his lap and finish in the 17th position. Gasly criticized Sainz’s maneuver as extremely dangerous and unnecessary.

Who faced penalties due to this incident?

Carlos Sainz, who qualified eighth, later received a three-place grid penalty for impeding the Alpine driver, Pierre Gasly.

What was Gasly’s opinion on Sainz’s maneuver?

Gasly deemed Sainz’s driving behavior as entirely unacceptable and called it dangerously risky and unnecessary. He asserted that this situation not only spoiled his qualifying round but also significantly affected his race.

Has Gasly ever been penalized for a similar issue?

Yes, prior to this incident, Gasly was penalized for obstructing both Sainz and Max Verstappen during qualifying in Spain. However, this did not ultimately affect either driver’s grid position.

What does Gasly suggest as a solution to such incidents?

Gasly believes a thorough review is necessary as such incidents seem to be recurring. He suggested that it might involve improved driver communication or some other factor, but underlined the escalating risks involved.

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