Gasly Condemns Sainz’s Block as “Exceptionally Hazardous” and “Unwarranted”

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In the closing moments of the session, Gasly was on his flying lap only to encounter a group of cars, including Sainz’s, who was moving at a snail’s pace preparing to initiate his own lap.

Gasly was forced to halt his lap and failed to move beyond the session, ending in 17th place, while Sainz, who qualified eighth, later got slapped with a three-place grid penalty for blocking the Alpine racer.

The incident in Montreal followed a previous situation where Gasly was penalized for blocking Sainz and Max Verstappen during qualifying in Spain, though it didn’t impact their respective grid positions.

Gasly didn’t mince his words when speaking to F1 about Sainz, stating, “The manner in which Carlos drove was wholly unacceptable. He was going at a mere 30kph on the final chicane, engrossed in his own lap while coming at 300.

“Remember, the racetrack isn’t solely yours. Firstly, I wasn’t able to complete my lap, which could have easily put us within the top six.

“Furthermore, it was immensely risky and utterly unwarranted. I’m simply deeply frustrated.”

Pierre Gasly, Alpine A523

Photo by: Sam Bloxham / F1 Flow Images

Continuing, he stated, “Here I am, in P17, despite possessing a car and the speed to be within the top 10, possibly even top 6, given the circumstances.

“I faced a similar scenario recently, but those drivers ended up in P1 and P2, and it didn’t impact their Sunday.

“Now I’m stuck in P17, and it completely sabotaged my qualifying and significantly impacts my race. Simply put, it’s intolerable.”

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Regarding a possible solution to drivers slowing down, he suggested, “A review is warranted as this issue appears to be recurring. Penalties were issued in Monaco, Barcelona, and now again this weekend.

“This didn’t pose as much of a problem before. Perhaps it’s a matter of better communication between drivers, but it definitely calls for a review given the escalating risk.”

Gasly strongly believes that he would have completed a swift lap had he not been compelled to discontinue.

“It was my fastest lap, the track was getting better,” he asserted. “I was in cool down mode the lap before, so it would have likely put us comfortably in P6 based on the data.

“Even if they blocked me by a few tenths, it wouldn’t matter as long as I completed my lap and made it through.

“The position he chose to park his car was the absolute worst. Given the speed I was approaching at, it was not only perilous for him but for me as well. It was wholly unnecessary.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gasly criticizes Sainz

What was the incident between Gasly and Sainz during the session?

Gasly encountered a group of cars, including Sainz’s, who was moving slowly, impeding Gasly’s fast lap and causing him to abort it.

What were the consequences of the incident?

Gasly finished in 17th place and failed to progress out of the session. Sainz, on the other hand, received a three-place grid penalty for impeding Gasly.

Has Gasly faced similar incidents in the past?

Yes, Gasly was previously penalized for impeding both Sainz and Max Verstappen during qualifying in Spain. However, those penalties did not affect the drivers’ grid positions.

What were Gasly’s comments about Sainz’s actions?

Gasly expressed his strong disapproval of Sainz’s driving, describing it as completely unacceptable, extremely dangerous, and unnecessary.

How did the incident impact Gasly’s qualifying and race?

Gasly believed that he had the car and pace to finish in the top 10 or even top 6, but being forced to abort his lap resulted in a disappointing 17th place and significantly impacted his race.

Does Gasly think there should be a review of the issue of drivers backing up?

Yes, Gasly emphasized the need for a review as similar incidents have occurred in Monaco, Barcelona, and now in Montreal. He suggested that better communication between drivers could be a solution to avoid dangerous situations on the track.

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SpeedDemon123 June 19, 2023 - 2:37 am

This is why f1 needs stricter rules on blocking! gasly had a chance for a good lap but sainz ruined it. not fair at all!

RacingEnthusiast88 June 19, 2023 - 7:17 am

Gasly shouldnt have to deal with this nonsense. sainz needs to be more aware of others on the track. grid penalties arent enough!

RaceTrackRacer June 19, 2023 - 10:06 am

gasly has a point. drivers should think about others on the track. it’s not just about their own lap. f1 needs to fix this issue now!

F1Fan4Life June 19, 2023 - 10:14 am

gasly got it rite sainz was totally out of line. him moving slow like dat put gasly in a real bad position. shudnt happen in f1!


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