Formula 1 Team Leaders Urge Revision of Harsh Las Vegas GP Itinerary

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The Las Vegas Grand Prix’s schedule set a new precedent for being the latest in Formula 1 history. This was a strategic move to minimize disruption from road closures and to cater to European audiences.

Friday and Saturday’s FP2 and qualifying rounds were initially planned from midnight to 1 am but extended to 4 am due to unforeseen repairs on water valve covers. The race commenced at 10 pm on Saturday evening.

This late timing posed significant challenges for teams, especially those adjusting from European time zones. The season’s culmination in Abu Dhabi, following a 12-hour time difference from Vegas, added to the strain.

Next year, the Las Vegas race will be the first in a trio of races, followed by events in Qatar and Abu Dhabi, further intensifying the challenge.

Team principals recognized the event’s success but admitted the schedule was overly demanding for the crew.

Ferrari’s Fred Vasseur from F1 highlighted the difficulty in balancing global audience needs. “We need to find a middle ground for a global audience,” Vasseur noted. “Adjustments will be necessary.”

Red Bull’s Christian Horner emphasized the toll on the team. “The event taught us many lessons, particularly about the grueling schedule,” Horner remarked. “We must rethink this to alleviate the strain on our team.”


Featuring: Charles Leclerc in Ferrari SF-23, George Russell in Mercedes F1 W14

Horner suggested a slight timing shift could bring relief. “An earlier start, like 8 pm, might be more manageable for the team,” he said.

Aston Martin’s Mike Krack urged a careful review. “Let’s not rush decisions,” Krack advised. “We need a balanced approach that considers both promotional needs and team welfare.”

AlphaTauri CEO Peter Bayer, with his FIA experience, expressed support for changes. “We’re open to improvements,” Bayer stated. “Though challenging, it’s a worthwhile endeavor.”

Additional reporting by Filip Cleeren

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Las Vegas Grand Prix Schedule

Why Are F1 Team Bosses Calling for Changes to the Las Vegas GP Schedule?

The team bosses are advocating for changes due to the extremely late schedule of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, which posed significant challenges for the teams, especially in adjusting to time zone differences and managing the physical and logistical demands of the event.

What Were the Specific Issues with the Las Vegas GP Schedule?

The main issues were the unprecedented late timing of the FP2 and qualifying sessions, which extended well into the early morning hours, and the overall demand this placed on team members who were already dealing with a hectic end-of-season schedule and significant time zone changes.

How Might the Schedule Affect Future Races?

Next year, the Las Vegas race will kick off a series of three races, including Qatar and Abu Dhabi. This intensifies the challenge for teams who must manage logistics and team welfare over a compressed and demanding schedule.

What Solutions Have Been Suggested by Team Principals?

Solutions proposed include adjusting the event times to earlier in the evening and finding a balance in scheduling that considers the needs of global audiences while ensuring the welfare of the team members.

Has There Been Any Support for These Proposed Changes?

Yes, team principals from various teams, including Ferrari, Red Bull, Aston Martin, and AlphaTauri, have expressed support for revising the schedule to better accommodate the needs of teams and crew members.

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SpeedRacer November 20, 2023 - 10:45 am

This is crazy! starting a race at midnight and ending at 4am? that’s just brutal for everyone involved. Teams gotta push back on this.

RaceJunkie November 20, 2023 - 10:08 pm

honestly, F1’s becoming more about the show than the sport, Not surprising they’re ignoring team welfare for TV ratings…

PitStopPete November 20, 2023 - 11:14 pm

let’s be real, F1’s always been tough, but the las vegas schedule is something else. glad to see team bosses speaking up. It’s about time!

GearheadGary November 21, 2023 - 7:05 am

I get that they wanna reach global audiences, but at what cost? the teams and drivers are already under so much pressure, this just adds to it.

F1Fanatic November 21, 2023 - 7:38 am

wow, didn’t realize how tough the schedule was for the teams. Las Vegas GP really pushing the limits here! maybe they should think more about the crews?


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