Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix: Carlos Sainz Leads the Way in FP3, Verstappen in Fourth

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In the heart of the Singapore night, the Formula 1 paddock was ablaze with excitement as the third practice session for the Singapore Grand Prix unfolded. Amidst the dazzling lights of the Marina Bay Circuit, it was Carlos Sainz who emerged as the shining star, claiming the top spot on the timesheets with a blistering lap time of 1m32.065s on the soft tires.

The story of this session was one of strategy and nail-biting moments on the track. Ferrari, in a tactical move, chose to bide their time, waiting for the track temperature to drop slightly before sending both of their drivers, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, out for their all-important flying laps. It was a high-stakes gamble, but it paid off handsomely.

Initially, it was George Russell of Mercedes who had set the pace, closely followed by his illustrious teammate Lewis Hamilton. Russell had opted for the soft compound tires early on, bypassing the medium compound that most of their competitors were using at the start of the session. His lap time of 1m32.364s briefly catapulted him to the top.

However, the excitement didn’t end there. Lando Norris, driving for McLaren, had different plans. He clocked an impressive 1m32.303s, momentarily stealing the limelight from Russell. But it was Carlos Sainz who had the last word. His first push lap on the soft tires saw him snatch the top position from his rivals with a scorching 1m32.065s, a time that would prove unassailable.

Meanwhile, Max Verstappen, the Red Bull Racing prodigy, had his own drama unfolding. While experimenting with his upshifts throughout the session, he struggled to find the perfect balance and grip. His first flying run fell short of Sainz’s time by 0.7 seconds, and although adjustments to his upshifts improved his lap time, he continued to wrestle with traction.

The Ferrari duo was poised for a practice 1-2 finish, but fate had other plans. Charles Leclerc, who had set the fastest first sector, had to abandon his lap, denying Ferrari the chance to secure the top two positions.

In the end, it was Carlos Sainz who reigned supreme, with George Russell in second, Lando Norris in third, and Max Verstappen securing the fourth position. These young talents demonstrated their prowess on the challenging Marina Bay Circuit, setting the stage for an electrifying Singapore Grand Prix.

As the session unfolded, other drivers faced their own challenges and triumphs. Sergio Perez struggled with a “rear end on the edge” and difficulty in getting his car’s front end to bite, landing him in eighth place. Yuki Tsunoda rounded off the top 10, showcasing the depth of talent in the Formula 1 field.

While the battle at the front of the pack was intense, further down the order, Valtteri Bottas found himself in hot water with the stewards for not following pit entry instructions, adding a layer of drama to the proceedings.

With the stage set and the grid positions yet to be decided, the Singapore Grand Prix promises to be a thrilling spectacle, where youth and experience collide in the quest for glory under the dazzling lights of the Marina Bay Circuit. Stay tuned for all the action and excitement as these talented drivers vie for supremacy on race day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix FP3

Q: What is FP3 in Formula 1?

A: FP3 stands for “Free Practice 3” in Formula 1. It is the third and final practice session that takes place before the qualifying session and the actual race. During FP3, teams and drivers have a last opportunity to fine-tune their cars and assess their performance on the specific track. It’s a crucial session for gathering data and making adjustments to optimize the car’s setup for qualifying and the race.

Q: Who was the fastest driver in FP3 at the Singapore Grand Prix?

A: Carlos Sainz, driving for Ferrari, was the fastest driver in FP3 at the Singapore Grand Prix. He set a remarkable lap time of 1m32.065s on soft tires, securing the top spot on the timesheets.

Q: What were some notable performances in FP3?

A: Apart from Carlos Sainz’s impressive performance, George Russell of Mercedes and Lando Norris of McLaren also had notable runs. Russell briefly led the session with a fast lap on soft tires, and Norris showcased his talent by securing the third position on the timesheets.

Q: How did Max Verstappen perform in FP3?

A: Max Verstappen, driving for Red Bull Racing, had a somewhat challenging FP3 session. His first flying run fell short of the fastest time set by Carlos Sainz, and he continued to struggle with issues related to upshifts and traction throughout the session. Ultimately, Verstappen finished in fourth place.

Q: Did Carlos Sainz’s teammate, Charles Leclerc, have a successful FP3 session?

A: Charles Leclerc, also racing for Ferrari, had a strong start in FP3, setting the fastest first sector of the session. However, he had to abandon his lap, which prevented Ferrari from securing a practice 1-2 finish. Leclerc ended up in fifth place in the session.

Q: Were there any incidents or penalties during FP3?

A: Valtteri Bottas faced a potential investigation by the stewards during FP3 for not following directions regarding the pit entry. He was seen drifting over the separating kerb onto the circuit before returning to the pit entry line. This incident added an element of drama to the session but did not result in immediate penalties.

Q: What can we expect in the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix?

A: The results of FP3 set the stage for an exciting Singapore Grand Prix. With the top drivers showcasing their skills and the grid positions yet to be determined through qualifying, fans can anticipate a fiercely competitive race under the dazzling lights of the Marina Bay Circuit. The battle for victory promises to be intense, with young talents and experienced drivers vying for glory.

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