Formula 1 Must Not Sacrifice Sport Over Show: Steiner Urges Red Bull to Reign In

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Red Bull has been really really good so far in 2023, winning all three races with Max Verstappen getting first place in Bahrain and Australia, and his teammate Sergio Perez taking the top spot in Saudi Arabia.

Some people are worried that if Red Bull continues being this successful it could be bad for Formula 1 racing because they were already super successful last year too. But, a person named Steiner thinks that fairness should take priority over how entertaining it is.

“Sports is the number one thing we should focus on,” he said when asked by what should be the priority.

“The show comes second, but right now there’s an exciting race between Checo and Max, which provides all the action and fun. So I’m not really worried about other people catching up”.

Steiner mentioned that we don’t have to make any changes to the existing rules.

He said that the Red Bull team currently has an advantage over the others, but he doesn’t think it will stay this way for the next 20 races. He also hoped that they could figure out what gives Red Bull their current advantage so that everyone else can copy it and become just as successful.

Red Bull had to deal with the penalty they got last year, which means they weren’t allowed to do much development in the wind tunnel and weren’t able to move ahead compared to the other teams. But even though they were limited, Red Bull still did a great job. We can’t blame the regulations for it; if someone does a better job than everyone else, then we should accept that outcome.

Guenther Steiner, Team Principal, Haas F1 Team

Picture by: Simon Galloway / F1Flow Images

When asked about trying to slow down Red Bull’s speed, Max said that it would be unfair. He said that it is governed by voting and if something is found to be illegal, the rules can be changed for safety reasons. However, Max thinks we should wait and see what happens in a few races before jumping to any conclusions.

Steiner thinks the competition between the Formula 1 teams around Haas will be close. He said that this depends on who’s in front and who’s at the back, which track they are driving on, and it could always change since there are some cars better on higher-speed tracks, while others do better on Monaco. He concluded that every race they would discover some new changes.

Sebastian Vettel will be racing in Formula 1 for Aston Martin team in 2023.

– Max Verstappen is not feeling so excited about the possibility of short sprint race taking place, which are being discussed amongst people involved with F1.

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