Ford team linked to Camaro Supercars switch

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Rumors of a remarkable departure from one of Ford’s five teams have been escalating, following the recent Sydney SuperNight event.

The Blue Oval teams have been finding it tough to compete with their Camaro-clad rivals due to issues with rear tire longevity.

In response to these struggles, adjustments were made to the Ford’s rear aerodynamics in Townsville, initiated by a parity review after the Darwin race.

This adjustment helped secure the season’s first victory for a Ford driver in Townsville, though it was more related to tire management than sheer speed.

With the Camaros leading again in Sydney, there’s scant hope that Ford’s troubles have been overcome.

The dissatisfaction with the ongoing situation has sparked discussions that a Ford team may defect next season, rebranding its vehicles as Camaros.

Grove Racing has been identified as the main candidate for this switch. However, owner Stephen Grove played down the idea when questioned by F1, while not dismissing it entirely.

“We believe in Ford. Ford has been fantastic with us, but we are aware of where we stand in terms of race wins and the overall position with Ford,” he said. “Switching is not on our agenda at the moment, but we need to be competitive.”

Throughout the season, various solutions have been examined to achieve parity between cars that differ only in engine and bodywork.

Aero adjustments to the Camaro before Newcastle’s opening round were followed by a myriad of different engine configurations, as Ford’s quad cam V8 struggled to rival Chevrolet’s pushrod V8. Differences in engine operation continue to exist.

The shift in focus to aerodynamics resulted in rear aero modifications in Townsville.

Grove believes the problem is unequivocally aero, and he’s unsure if it will be resolved this season. Nevertheless, he is optimistic that the issue will be addressed before the first round next year.

He explained the complexity of determining the problem, whether it was the motor, mechanics, or aerodynamics, and mentioned the challenges of achieving aero parity between two different car surfaces.

He also highlighted the delicate balance required in making changes, like adding more downforce, which may affect other aspects like top speed.

Grove ended on a hopeful note, expressing his confidence in reaching parity eventually. “Will we achieve complete parity by year’s end? I’m uncertain. Am I confident we’ll have parity by the beginning of next year? The answer is yes.”

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What is fueling the rumors of a switch from Ford to Camaro for one of the teams?

The ongoing struggles with rear tire life and aerodynamics within Ford’s teams, particularly against the Camaro-shod competitors, are fueling rumors that a team may switch to Camaro next season.

Who is the chief suspect for the potential switch to Camaro?

Grove Racing is the main suspect for a potential switch, though owner Stephen Grove has played down the notion without entirely ruling it out.

What changes were made to Ford’s cars during the season?

Adjustments were made to the Ford’s rear aerodynamics in Townsville, initiated by a parity review after Darwin, and various solutions have been explored to achieve parity between the cars, including different engine configurations.

Is the problem with Ford’s cars expected to be resolved soon?

According to Grove, the issue, primarily related to aerodynamics, is complicated and may not be fixed this season. However, he expressed confidence that it will be addressed before the start of next year.

What was Ford’s sole victory this season attributed to?

Ford’s only win of the season, achieved in Townsville, was attributed more to tire strategy than to outright speed.

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TechGuru89 August 14, 2023 - 4:55 am

the aerodynamics issue is complicated, i guess. How could they not have sorted this out by now? It’s not rocket science or is it?

JakeRacingFan August 14, 2023 - 7:29 am

Can’t believe Ford’s struggling this much, never thot I’d see the day. A switch to Camaro?? That would be something.

RaceEnthusiast August 14, 2023 - 9:10 am

im confident Ford will bounce back. This is just a phase. Grove Racing is just exploring options, nothing more.

KellyWheels August 14, 2023 - 8:49 pm

My heart’s with Ford, but its sad to see them in this place. Stephen Grove says they believe in Ford, lets hope they can turn it around.

OldTimerJim August 14, 2023 - 9:17 pm

Back in my day, we wouldn’t even think of switchin like this. Loyalty meant something! But times change I guess…

CamaroLover42 August 14, 2023 - 11:05 pm

Go Camaro!! Theyre on top, and it shows. Maybe Ford teams need to catch up or switch sides, ha.


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