Ford Engine Modification Gets Green Light from Supercars

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Beginning with this weekend’s Sydney SuperNight, the Ford engines will be upgraded with a throttle body measuring 80 millimetres, taking the place of the 87 millimetre unit that has been in use up until now.

This adjustment will standardize the throttle body size between the Ford and Chevrolet V8s, a modification long favoured by Supercars.

The anticipation is that this smaller throttle body will enhance both drivability and rear tyre longevity, issues that the Mustang has struggled with in comparison to the Camaro this season.

Following a series of tests carried out by several teams since the Townsville 500, the throttle change has received approval.

“A request for an Engine Specification Document (ESD) change to use an 80mm throttle body was submitted by the Ford homologation team,” stated a spokesperson for Supercars.

“Following extensive testing, both on track and off, the modification has been verified and approved for introduction at the Beaurepaires Sydney SuperNight.”

This marks the second notable parity adjustment within just as many rounds, as the Fords debuted a new aero package in Townsville.

Similarly, this was aimed at improving rear tyre life. A reconfigured rear wing, gurney flap, and boot spoiler were introduced with the hopes of enhancing rear stability during braking.

The effectiveness of these changes remains somewhat unclear, despite Ford driver Anton De Pasquale’s victory on the Sunday in Townsville.

Given its high-speed environment, Sydney is expected to provide a more challenging assessment for the new aero.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ford engine modification

What is the change being made to the Ford engines?

The Ford engines are being fitted with a new 80 millimetre throttle body, replacing the 87 millimetre unit that was used previously.

When will the Ford engine modification take effect?

The changes will take effect from the Sydney SuperNight event onwards.

Why is this change being made to the Ford engines?

The change is being made to improve the drivability and extend the life of the rear tyres, which have been issues for the Ford Mustang in comparison to the Chevrolet Camaro in the current racing season.

Has the new throttle body been tested?

Yes, the new throttle body has been tested extensively both on and off the track by several teams since the Townsville 500.

What was the previous significant adjustment made to the Ford engines?

The previous significant adjustment was a new aero package that included a re-positioned rear wing, gurney flap, and boot spoiler, aimed at improving rear stability under braking.

Has there been any success with the previous modifications?

There has been some success, as evident from a breakthrough win by Ford driver Anton De Pasquale in Townsville. However, the overall effectiveness of these changes is yet to be conclusively determined.

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TurboTed July 26, 2023 - 12:39 am

Ford going for that parity huh… Honestly, I’m more of a Chevy guy, but gotta respect the commitment to competition. Good on ya!

V8Fan July 26, 2023 - 1:03 am

man, these changes in supercars are insane! It’s like a whole new game every season. Can’t wait for Sydney SuperNight to see how this plays out!

GearsNGlory July 26, 2023 - 11:00 am

Hey everyone… remember how we thought Townsville changes were big… well, guess what? we ain’t seen nothing yet… Sydney, here we come!

SpeedRacer92 July 26, 2023 - 7:13 pm

bit sceptic bout these changes. they haven’t fully delivered so far… but hey, gotta keep trying right? will be watching the Sydney SuperNight closely.

MustangMarty July 26, 2023 - 9:11 pm

ford’s finally getting it right. Drivability and tyre life are crucial! Should be interesting, Sydney’s a real test for these machines.


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