Ferrari’s “Mega Step” at Australian GP: What Does This Mean For the Race?

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The F1 championship team had a really bad day in Melbourne on Sunday. Charles Leclerc crashed just a few seconds after the start, Lance Stroll and Carlos Sainz were also involved in this crash. Carlos received a five-second penalty for crashing into Fernando Alonso, which meant he plummeted from 4th to 12th place.

The coach was pretty frustrated about this event as it showed some weaknesses that needed addressing.

Ferrari had a difficult race in Saudi Arabia where their drivers dropped down the standings after putting on hard tyres. So, they worked really hard to prepare for the Melbourne weekend which focused on the car’s long-run performance. However, Leclerc did not get an opportunity to find out if their strategy was effective but Sainz did have a good race even though he pitted just before the first red flag and his rivals received some free tyre changes due to the stoppage.

He had managed to move up to fourth position before the last restart and a problem with Alonso.

When asked about the weekend, Vasseur told F1Flow.com that the people were feeling a bit sad but still they took it positively because they had improved their performance in racing very much and these improvements will help them out for rest of the season. He was positive himself and kept pushing on.

Charles Leclerc from Ferrari said that they had made some good progress yesterday, but were still frustrated as it felt like they couldn’t quite get every part to work together.

He said that the team had already started to focus on the race in Azerbaijan at the end of the month.

He said that they had to take the good parts and use those to get ready for their future races. They got a lot better after the race in Jeddah, and their pace was super fast. After the first problem, Carlos managed to make it through the rest of the course.

When asked about possible engineering updates coming for the Baku race, Vasseur suggested that there might not be any because it is a sprint race which means more risk. He said: “Let’s just focus on getting ready for this weekend and try not to worry about damages.”

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