Ferrari to Hold Factory Discussions Regarding Canada Q2 F1 Strategy Choices

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Following Charles Leclerc’s criticism of Ferrari’s decision during Q2 of the Canadian Grand Prix, the Italian team plans to address the situation in factory talks. Leclerc had requested an early switch to slick tires, but the team overruled him and opted for intermediates, asking him to complete a banker lap. Unfortunately, by the time Leclerc finished his initial run and changed to slicks, rain returned, preventing him from setting a better time and ultimately eliminating him from the session.

Initially expressing his frustration in media interviews, Leclerc’s perspective changed after strategists explained the situation to him later on, as reported by the team. Nevertheless, Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur emphasized the importance of conducting a thorough analysis of the incident and organizing a discussion to prevent similar problems in the future. Vasseur stated, “We have to think about what happened. We will have a meeting on Tuesday to address it.”

Vasseur clarified that despite Leclerc’s critical comments right after qualifying, the atmosphere during the Saturday night debrief was much calmer between the driver and the team. He acknowledged that there is always room for improvement, but highlighted the significance of not jumping to conclusions immediately after the session.

Regarding the decision to switch to dry tires, Vasseur noted that Leclerc failed to grasp the risks associated with the delay such a switch would cause. With rain approaching, Ferrari aimed to secure a competitive lap time as quickly as possible. Vasseur explained, “If you pit at the end of lap one to put a set of softs on, then you have two laps to warm up the tires and you postpone your first flying lap for five minutes. It was not the right strategy at this stage.”

Vasseur identified the need for Ferrari to improve the communication and ensure Leclerc has a better understanding of the team’s decision-making process. He suggested that Leclerc should consider the broader picture and empathize with the team’s perspective. Furthermore, Vasseur acknowledged that something went wrong despite their impressive pace, as evidenced by the 10th- and 11th-place finishes in qualifying.

In conclusion:

  • Ferrari intends to address the Q2 strategy incident through factory discussions.
  • Leclerc initially criticized the team’s decision but later understood the situation.
  • Vasseur emphasized the importance of analyzing the incident and avoiding similar issues in the future.
  • The atmosphere between Leclerc and the team was calmer during the debrief.
  • Vasseur explained the reasoning behind the decision to stick with intermediates initially.
  • Ferrari needs to improve communication and ensure Leclerc understands their decision-making process.
  • Despite their strong pace, something went wrong in qualifying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about strategy

What criticism did Charles Leclerc have regarding Ferrari’s strategy in Q2 of the Canadian Grand Prix?

Charles Leclerc criticized Ferrari’s decision to overrule his request to switch to slick tires early in Q2. The team opted for intermediates instead, which caused Leclerc to miss the opportunity for a better lap time when rain returned.

How did Ferrari respond to Charles Leclerc’s criticism?

Ferrari stated that Charles Leclerc’s mindset changed after the team’s strategists explained the situation to him during a later discussion. They emphasized the importance of better communication and understanding between the team and the driver.

What is Ferrari planning to do regarding the Q2 strategy incident?

Ferrari intends to hold factory talks to thoroughly analyze the incident and discuss how to avoid similar problems in the future. They acknowledge the need for improvement and aim to prevent a recurrence of such issues.

What was the reasoning behind Ferrari’s decision to stick with intermediates initially?

Ferrari opted for intermediates because rain was approaching, and they wanted to secure a competitive lap time as quickly as possible. Switching to dry tires would have caused a delay and posed risks due to the need for tire warm-up.

What does Ferrari aim to improve in their communication with Charles Leclerc?

Ferrari acknowledges the need for better understanding and communication with Charles Leclerc. They want to ensure that he grasps the reasoning behind the team’s strategy decisions and considers the broader picture during qualifying sessions.

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