Ferrari Sticks to Traditional F1 Design for 2023 Model

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The Italian squad is having a very bad start to their Formula 1 season since 2009. They haven’t earned any points in the first three races of this year. On top of that, their performance is not even close to the top-teams like Red Bull. In fact, Sainz thinks that they have hit a wall and need an urgent change of direction. He said: “Red Bull is better than us in almost every way – qualifying, racing, and straight line speed.”

“It’s clear that we need to make some changes. We were doing really well at the beginning of the season, so we kept going with this car project. But our car is not great in corners, managing tyres and dealing with bumps. We need to try something new.”

Red Bull has an advantage over other racing teams, so it’s time to look at our closest competition. Though recently there were rumors that Ferrari was going to do some really big changes- like switching their sidepod design- the team leader Fred Vasseur says these changes aren’t happening. The plan is for three separate upgrades in the next few months that should help them up the rankings.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari SF-23, is a car photographed by Ferrari. Someone asked if the concept of this car was changing, and Vasseur said no. There will be updates at races like Miami, Imola, not Monaco, and Barcelona. At each race there will be an update on the car’s features.

We are keeping to our plan. We have made some changes to make things better, like in Melbourne. We are not changing too much and we will keep coming up with big updates.

Vasseur said that since there were restrictions from both the cost cap and wind tunnel hours in F1 Racing, it was too difficult to change any design of a car this season.

He pointed out that creating something new with the cost limits and lack of wind tunnel time would be nearly impossible.

We think that our car is going in the right direction and there’s still room to make it better. So, we are trying to find ways to make it faster and more stable so that we can compete better.

Ferrari thought that the punishment for breaking the cost limit of their Red Bull F1 car was not fair and asked to have a second look at their penalty from the Australian GP. They prefer working on improving the car that they already have instead of changing it completely.

Vasseur said that they had a plan to develop their car before the season started. However, they soon needed to modify their plans as the competitive nature of racing and how the car was performing changed. They made some changes right away in Melbourne and will continue changing things up, trying to speed up their progress and making different balance adjustments.

Although we can’t make huge adjustments to our plan three races in, Alfa Romeo’s boss still thinks that it may need to adjust its strategy for making the 2024 car if things don’t go as expected.

We’re trying to figure out if we should spend money from this season and save it for next season. Things like the parts that make up the engine or the body of the car are items that will have to be included in this decision. We need to manage our budget carefully while coming up with a plan.

We have good progress in our development strategy. Later on, we will decide if we should only make small changes or totally switch directions. We can find this out later on.

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