Ferrari Jeddah F1 Performance Boosted by Vasseur’s Tyres

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Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc both fell behind their competitors who had started with harder tires – medium for Carlos and soft for Charles. In the end, they finished in sixth and seventh places respectively.

Their team’s boss Vasseur believes that due to the heat on the track, the cars weren’t able to work well with the hard tire compound. Therefore, it is important for them to make sure their car can function in any kind of condition during race weekends.

Leclerc got a really good result in Jeddah qualifying as he finished second. He said the car was well-balanced and it wasn’t too hard to drive even over bumps. Leclerc is confident that this vehicle still has more potential.

We managed to use the car’s full potential when using a soft tire in qualifying, and also when using a medium tire during the beginning of the race. But with the hard tires, we struggled more. We think this might be due to the temperature on the track – when it cooled down at the end, it changed how well that type of tire worked.

Frederic Vasseur, the Team Principal and General Manager of Scuderia Ferrari said that their weekend had both good and bad moments. He made clear that this race result in Jeddah will not cause them to change their plans. He mentioned that strong performances come when all parts do well.

Whenever something isn’t going right, it’s not because of just one problem. We shouldn’t give up working on the car’s aerodynamics, suspension, or engine. We will still keep trying to make them better.

Looking at this past weekend, our car worked alright at first but didn’t last long in the race. This shows there might be potential in our car, but we still have some work to do.

He said: “Our plans won’t change just because either we are performing badly, or well. The updates that will come out in Australia next week were already underway in manufacturing.

It doesn’t work like this – I can’t go to the factory tomorrow and say ‘let’s make more updates for Australia quickly’.”

When asked if Red Bull can compete this season, the person replied saying that instead of focusing on the distance between them and their rivals, they have to focus on making themselves stronger. They need to identify which areas they are weak in and work to improve those things until they get a good result.

Ferrari knows how to make the car better in races and become faster even though they were going slow.

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