Ferrari Fights Australian GP Penalty: Requests Right of Review for Carlos Sainz

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The officials gave a five-second penalty to the Spaniard driver after he crashed into Fernando Alonso during a chaotic race restart. This resulted in another Red Flag being raised. The official’s decision was before the single lap run of the race until it ended with the chequered flag behind the safety car. Sainz felt unhappy about not being able to explain his side of events to them, and spoke out on team radio.

Just after the crash between Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso, Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon had a collision too. But afterwards, the officials decided to take no action. On the other hand, the bump between Logan Sargeant and Nyck de Vries was not checked by officials.

For restarting the race, all the remaining cars were placed back in their original positions on the grid but with Sainz being 4th instead of 5th.

Carlos Sainz crossed the finish line in fourth place. However, he got a penalty and dropped to twelfth place in the final classification. This means if the penalty is taken away then Carlos would go back to his fourth place and all the other drivers behind him such as Lance Stroll, Sergio Perez, Lando Norris, Nico Hulkenberg, Oscar Piastri, Zhou Guanyu and Yuki Tsunoda will have to move down one spot and lose points.

Fred Vasseur, the team boss, said that because he had sent a report to the FIA, he does not want to give out any specific details. He mentioned two drivers, Gasly and Ocon, who were at Turn 1 and the stewards did not react in the same way. Lastly, Fred Vasseur is also Scuderia Ferrari’s Team Principal and General Manager.

F1 recently used a review process which began when Aston Martin tried to remove the penalty Alonso got on Sunday in Jeddah. This procedure has two steps. First, the stewards must determine if there is any new information that needs consideration and if so, they decide whether that information is important enough to use in making their decision.

“Vasseur said they will first check our request to see if they can open the case again. Then, we’ll have another hearing with the same set of stewards or someone else from the next meeting about the verdict itself. We expect to have a thorough conversation with them to avoid a situation like this in future where there are three different cases taking place on one corner and yet getting different decisions.”

Carlos was really mad because he didn’t get a chance to be heard in court. Usually, this would have been possible since the case wasn’t about who had won or lost the race. But Ferrari has new evidence which could help them figure out what happened. However, they won’t say what that evidence is.

The boss of the team said that it’s up to other officials (called stewards) to decide on an appropriate penalty for Carlos. He also mentioned that the final decision lies withFIA (which is a governing body). The team is expecting a review of the previous decision, knowing that they are not going to get the same result again.

Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz, and Lance Stroll recently drove in their Aston Martin AMR23 cars and Ferrari SF-23. Lionel Ng took a cool picture of them while they raced!

Vasseur said it can be hard for race officials to decide who’s right if two drivers crash into each other during the heat of the moment.

He said he didn’t want to accuse someone of causing an accident on the race track. He’s been doing this job for 33 years, and each time there has been a crash, people have different opinions about what happened and how it should be resolved.

It is not an easy thing to do because hard decisions need to be made often during the race.

This particular case had three warning signs, two attempts, and the last attempt with one lap behind the safety car. This made people very frustrated because they felt that how Ocon and Gasly were being treated was different. The FIA has control of the situation now, so it’s their call to decide if they want to accept a request or not.

It’s up to them to choose when they want to do it; this could be in Baku or even before. They would prefer doing it before, as then they can focus on something else at the race in Baku.

However, they need to complete the task within a short period of time – although there is four weeks for the two races this time which makes it a bit relaxed. For example, Kimi Raikkonen did the necessary hearings at the next race when he was with Alfa Romeo two years ago.

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