F1 Victory in Sight: How Rookie Piastri Is Making “Strong Progress” With McLaren

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In Bahrain, Piastri had a tough time because of mistakes he made during qualifying and some electrical issues during the race. However, in Jeddah he managed to qualify in ninth position even though his teammate Lando Norris crashed early in Q1. During the race both drivers experienced some front-wing damage which made them unable to do well. Despite that, Piastri still finished 15th, two spots ahead of Norris, since they used different tyre strategies during the race.

Stella was very appreciative of how well Oscar Piastri had been doing lately, but she still noted that the team needs to get him a better car.

“Oscar has made a lot of progress,” Stella said. “Lando is doing great too, so that’s really good. But we still need to work hard to make sure both drivers have the best cars and can do their best in races.”

This past weekend, Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri from McLaren arrived at Parc Ferme for the race. When asked about how much progress Piastri made during their time there, Stella said that it was more of a gradual improvement every time he drove the car instead of a big step forward. He explained that it’s been steady progress session-by-session.

In the first practice session, Oscar was a bit behind Lando. But in the next session he got closer, and after that they were pretty much even. In qualifying, Oscar made the most of the chance to capitalize on his performance and in the race he was very strong. I see a clear pattern of progression with Oscar which is what we wanted for him.

Stella admitted that Australian Grand Prix will be a special moment for Piastri, since it’s his home debut. Nevertheless, Stella doesn’t think that the team needs to watch over him like a hawk to protect him from too many attention and expectations.

Stella said that the guy was very calm, and he could keep himself together. But it’s important to make sure he focuses on competing and getting better at every race.

The Melbourne track is expected to have a grip and speed similar to the tracks in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

We are looking forward to achieving great results in the next race. We want to be able to achieve a good position and score some points. Additionally, Aston Martin and Alpine had a form surge that caught everyone off guard, McLaren is making big changes for their upcoming 2023 race car, and Domenicali comments about “cancelling” practice were examined more closely.

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