F1 Urged to Immediately Address Track Limits Chaos, Sainz Insists

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Sainz lamented the disarray surrounding the previous weekend’s Red Bull Ring race, as race officials failed to keep up with the alleged 1200+ track limit offences. The delays in addressing the offences resulted in the final standings being determined many hours post-race.

In the wake of the late investigation, several drivers, including Sainz and Lewis Hamilton, received penalties that caused their positions to drop. Sainz was dismayed to learn that he had moved down from fourth to sixth as he was flying out of Austria.

Sainz emphasized the necessity of the F1 and FIA stepping forward and implementing strong measures to avoid similar issues in the future. There are already plans in place to add new gravel traps at the Red Bull Ring to improve conditions, but Sainz insists more action is required.

“We’ve been presented with many solutions, but for some reason, the decision keeps being delayed,” Sainz expressed during an interview with F1 Flow.com about possible solutions for the track limits issue.

He likened the situation to a constantly delayed alarm, rather than focusing on actionable solutions. “Now is the time for action,” he said, even suggesting a detection loop to instantly inform drivers of track limit infringements, allowing them to correct immediately.

When he learned about his post-race penalty, Sainz was frustrated but unsurprised given the chaotic circumstances. “It was just an email,” he said, describing the experience of discovering his second penalty and a drop to P6 during a flight, adding to the day’s stress. He was indignant but not shocked, calling the entire weekend “a mess.”

Sainz vowed to assist F1 and FIA in devising solutions, emphasizing the necessity of preventing a recurrence of such a weekend. “This sport cannot tolerate another weekend like this,” he stated, expressing concern for the sport’s image, and the experiences of both drivers and teams.

He ascribes the chaos of the Austrian race to the delay between drivers crossing the track limits and the official recognition of these breaches, causing widespread confusion throughout the weekend. He called for immediate feedback to drivers, allowing them to adjust their actions accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Track Limit Issues

What was the issue with track limits at the Red Bull Ring event?

The issue with track limits at the Red Bull Ring event was that race control could not keep up with the alleged 1200+ track limit offenses, leading to delays in addressing them and finalizing the race results.

How did the track limits problem affect Carlos Sainz?

Carlos Sainz dropped from fourth to sixth position due to a post-race penalty caused by track limit violations. He discovered this news just as he was leaving Austria and expressed his frustration with the situation.

What does Carlos Sainz believe needs to be done to address the track limits problem?

Carlos Sainz believes that F1 and the FIA need to take immediate and firm action to prevent such track limit chaos in the future. He suggests implementing solutions promptly and even proposes using detection loops to provide instant feedback to drivers regarding track limit infringements.

Why does Carlos Sainz emphasize the need for action?

Carlos Sainz emphasizes the need for action because he believes that another weekend like the chaotic one at the Red Bull Ring would reflect poorly on the sport. He is concerned about the negative impact on both drivers and teams and stresses the importance of finding effective solutions.

What does Carlos Sainz suggest as a possible solution for the track limits problem?

Carlos Sainz suggests the use of detection loops that can immediately inform drivers if they have committed a track limit infringement. This would allow drivers to correct their actions promptly and avoid penalties.

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RaceFanatic87 July 6, 2023 - 7:40 pm

i feel sainz’s frustration. its not fair to find out abt penalties after the race. f1 needs to sort this out. i hope they find solutions soon.

SpeedDemon July 6, 2023 - 11:35 pm

track limits chaos? seriously? come on f1! get ur act together! sainz is right, no more weekends like this. time 4 action & better rules!

F1FanGirl July 7, 2023 - 6:14 am

wow sainz is sooo right! F1 & FIA need to take action now! its a mess wth track limits & delays! they shud listen & do something already!!

RacingAddict July 7, 2023 - 12:36 pm

sainz got penalities coz of track limits? dat sucks! f1 needs 2 fix this problem asap. loops sound like a good idea. give drivers feedback fast!


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