F1 Stewards Settle the Score: Haas Protest Rejected Over Australian GP Result

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After the race in Melbourne, Haas made a complaint because he thought that the rules weren’t followed correctly when deciding who came first and last. A second red-flag caused a chaotic stop and so the race control decided to base the positions on what happened before they lined up instead of what happened during that lap.

The rules set out in Article 57.3 of the Sporting Regulations say that the order during a restart should be based on where all cars were right before it. However, the FIA realized this wasn’t possible because not everyone completed a timing sector during that restart.

Haas said that it was possible to have a driver classified in seventh place, which would have been Nico Hulkenberg ahead of Lando Norris, from Safety Car line 2 – the exit of the pits before Turn One. Some other drivers were also in a different position compared to their initial positions at SC2 like Red Bull’s Sergio Perez.

Marshals surrounded the car of Nico Hulkenberg, called Haas VF-23 at the end of a race. This happened after Niels Wittich, an F1 race director, had a conference with other stewards (important people). He explained that it was easier and faster to decide who wins the race by using the order of cars on their original grid rather than trying to work out a different way.

He and Haas thought that the GPS data wasn’t a perfect way to organize the order in the safety car line. The people running the event decided that it would be best to use the places from when they started racing as the order when they restarted, so that everything would move quickly again.

The officials said that they had to figure out the decision quickly during the race, using all the information they had at their disposal. They had to be careful and wise when making their choice.

If there is a rule that allows drivers to restart from the safety car line, they may take bigger risks in order to get ahead of their competitors just in case there is an unexpected stop again.

– Carlos Sainz is very angry about the penalty he got during the Australian Grand Prix race and wants to know why it happened.

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