F1 Melbourne Speedsters: Verstappen & Alonso Fastest in Australian GP Practice

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Verstappen was the fastest driver in the 1st practice session for Red Bull, even though he made a mistake and spun out. On the other hand, Alonso drove the quickest lap time for Aston Martin during the 2nd practice which was changed by rain.

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Verstappen Beats Record with 1m19

Sergio Perez from Red Bull set the first record at 1 minute 20 seconds and 267 milliseconds using medium tyres. But Max Verstappen beat that time with a shorter time, 1 minute 19 seconds and 332 milliseconds, by driving on soft tyres. Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes also joined in saying he was three quarters of a second behind even though his car slipped while going around the turn 9.

Both Red Bull cars became faster after taking a short break in the pits. Max Verstappen clocked in a time of 1m19.278s which was just 0.015 away from Sergio Perez’s lap time. However, Verstappen managed to do even better and broke his own record with another lap that was 0.5 seconds faster than Perez and almost one whole second faster than any other car on the track! This last fastest lap became the best lap of the day!

At the end of the session, teams began using softs and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc got to third place, but he was six tenths slower than the leader. His team-mate Carlos Sainz was nine tenths behind. On his first lap on softs, Perez drove off track and failed to improve. But Alonso beat both Ferraris and was almost as fast as Perez. The session was stopped early due to a GPS problem, so there were many close calls with cars in traffic.

After the pause, Verstappen was spinning at Turn 4 which he blamed on his tires. Hamilton overtook him and came second while Perez was third, followed by Alonso, Leclerc, and Sainz.

The session got cut short after Logan Sargeant’s Williams had electric shutdowns.

Kevin Magnussen crashed his Haas twice: once at Turn 3 and then again at turn 11. Finally, Yuki Tsunoda skidded through the gravel at Turn 1 in his AlphaTauri car.

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Fast Racing Despite Rain

With rain coming down, teams wanted to get in their laps quickly. Verstappen was super-fast and got a time of 1m19.759s but then he went onto the grass at Turn 1.

Perez started on soft tires and was doing great, but then Lance Stroll from Aston held him up on his first lap. Alonso had the fastest time with 1m18.887s using medium tires, eight tenths faster than Sainz (on soft) and Verstappen (on medium).

Leclerc came in second, only 0.445 seconds off from Alonso’s time despite the raining getting stronger. Verstappen was third and Norris had a spin out through the gravel at Turn 1 due to the increasing rain. A really strong shower then made the track really wet and Stroll almost hit a wall while all drivers changed to intermediate tyres.

– Russell and Norris want to shorten the amount of time spent on practice during F1 races.

– According to Perez, Red Bull is now a team with more than one car racing in Formula One events.

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