F1 Dutch GP promotes inclusivity and clamps down on flare use

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The F1 Dutch Grand Prix is taking steps to promote inclusivity and address issues related to fan behavior. The overwhelming support for local hero Max Verstappen can be overwhelming for international visitors or fans of other drivers. The organizers of the Zandvoort race want to avoid the harassment problems that occurred in Austria the previous year.

In response to incidents at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, Formula 1 and the race organizers launched the Drive it Out campaign to curb disruptive and intimidating conduct, including online abuse. Dutch GP director Imre Van Leeuwen emphasizes that this year’s event will implement specific measures to ensure a safe environment. These measures include a designated place for attendees to report any negative experiences, meeting the requirements outlined by the Drive it Out initiative.

During an interview with F1 Flow.com, Van Leeuwen stated that while the initial attendees last year were mostly Dutch due to COVID restrictions, the event aims to make everyone feel secure regardless of their allegiance to teams like Ferrari or drivers like Lewis Hamilton. He underscores that creating an atmosphere of safety and inclusivity is crucial. Attendees found engaging in unacceptable behavior may have their tickets revoked, as the priority is to welcome all fans, recognizing that a diverse lineup of drivers is essential for a successful race.

The events during the 2022 Austrian GP and the subsequent Drive it Out campaign have led to a heightened emphasis on fan conduct across all race locations. Collaboration between the F1 organization and the Zandvoort team has extended to safety managers and discussions with other venues where Dutch fans are prominent, like Belgium and Barcelona. The goal is to encourage celebration without crossing the line into intimidation or disrespect.

A central theme at Zandvoort has been the use of orange flares by fans, a practice that has been explicitly prohibited by Van Leeuwen. While flares initially seemed to enhance the spectacle and were even showcased on television, their increasing popularity has led to safety concerns for fans’ health and the drivers’ visibility. Efforts are underway to inform fans that not using flares is the mark of a true supporter, as they can pose risks and negatively impact the experience for others.

Clear communication regarding acceptable behavior is a primary focus for Zandvoort’s organizers. LED screens are employed throughout the day to entertain and educate attendees on proper conduct. The organizers are innovating in both entertainment and communication, leveraging tools like LED screens and WhatsApp to guide attendees, inform them of delays, and help manage crowds at different entry points.

In conclusion, the F1 Dutch GP is actively addressing issues related to fan behavior and striving to create an inclusive and secure environment for all attendees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Inclusivity

What measures are being taken to promote inclusivity and address fan behavior issues at the F1 Dutch GP?

The organizers of the F1 Dutch GP are implementing special measures, including providing a designated place for fans to report issues and bad experiences. This initiative is in line with the Drive it Out campaign, aimed at curbing unruly behavior and online abuse.

Why is the use of flares by fans prohibited at the Zandvoort circuit?

The use of flares has been banned at the Zandvoort circuit due to safety concerns. While they initially added to the spectacle, their popularity grew to the point where they pose health risks to fans and visibility issues for drivers.

How is communication being enhanced between organizers and attendees?

Organizers are utilizing LED screens and innovative methods such as WhatsApp to communicate with attendees. This includes providing entertainment and important information about proper behavior and entry points.

How did incidents at the 2022 Austrian GP impact fan behavior awareness?

The incidents at the 2022 Austrian GP prompted the launch of the Drive it Out campaign, resulting in increased focus on fan behavior at all race venues. Collaborative efforts between Formula 1 and various race organizers aim to prevent intimidation and promote respectful conduct among fans.

What is the primary goal of the Dutch GP director regarding attendee experiences?

The Dutch GP director aims to ensure that all attendees, regardless of their affiliations, feel safe and welcome. The priority is to create an atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the race without fear of harassment or discomfort.

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DriveFast August 18, 2023 - 5:40 pm

totally get it, mate. safety’s gotta be #1. Flares r cool, but too much can b risky. F1 should be bout racin’, not fans gettin’ hurt or drivers havin’ issues.

RacingFan22 August 19, 2023 - 5:04 am

yeah, its gr8 that F1 Dutch GP is like all into makin’ it cool 4 everyone, no matter who u root 4. but y not let fans go wild with flares? safety’s impt, but a bit of fun never hurt nethin’, rite?


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