F1 Drivers Criticize the New Tyre Allocation Rule in Hungary

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The new tyre allocation rule in Hungary, initially introduced to boost F1’s sustainability efforts by limiting the transport needs per event, has reduced the tyre allocation for each driver from 13 sets to 11 for the Budapest event.

Furthermore, specific tyre compounds are now obligatory for qualifying. The durable Pirelli will be the choice for Q1, medium ones for Q2, and the softest type for the Q3 pole position shootout.

The revised tyre allocation was first planned for introduction at the Emilia Romagna GP, but the event was cancelled due to flooding. Consequently, it is debuting in Hungary this weekend and is set to be used again at Monza.

If this test is successful, we could see wider deployment in 2024.

However, the first reactions from drivers have been negative. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton believe the new rule hampers the show as teams are likely to run fewer laps during practice.

Verstappen, asked to assess the new Red Bull enhancements – sidepod inlet, engine cover, floor, brake ducts – after placing 11th in FP2 in Hungary, instead criticized the tyre rules for depriving fans of action.

He stated: “Frankly, it’s difficult to give any comments. We’ll be reviewing the data to understand if everything is aligning well since we haven’t used many tyre sets today.

“This new rule drastically limits the tyre sets you can use, and I didn’t want to use them today to save some for better preparation tomorrow.

“But it’s quite disappointing – so many spectators are present, and yet we hardly run.

“We need to work out a way to improve this, as we’re only preserving tyres, which, in my view, isn’t the right approach.”

Mercedes driver Hamilton, who ended up 16th in FP2, concurred with Verstappen’s sentiment, suggesting that rule makers should consider reducing the use of wet tyres to achieve savings.

He commented: “I only had one tyre for the session. This new format change for this weekend isn’t really optimal. It simply means we run less, which isn’t ideal.

“There are plenty of wet tyres that they discard after the weekend.

“Maybe they should address this issue instead of reducing the fans’ time on the track.”

Haas driver Kevin Magnussen suggested another solution. If F1 is looking to reduce tyre usage to cut transport emissions, he proposed a revision of the entire schedule.

He said: “The tyre situation somewhat restricted our Friday. This applies to everyone.

“If that’s the case [that F1 reduces to 11 sets of tyres], they should consider reducing the sessions. Maybe just one or two practice sessions.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about New Tyre Allocation Rule in Hungary

What is the purpose of the new tyre allocation rule in Hungary?

The purpose of the new tyre allocation rule in Hungary is to improve F1’s sustainability credentials by reducing the freight required per event. The rule has reduced the tyre allocation for each driver from 13 sets to 11 for the Budapest race.

How does the tyre allocation rule affect qualifying?

Under the new rule, specific tyre compounds are mandated for qualifying. The hard Pirelli tyres will be used for Q1, medium tyres for Q2, and the softest rubber for the Q3 shootout to determine the pole position.

Was the alternative tyre allocation rule tested before Hungary?

Yes, the alternative tyre allocation rule was scheduled to be first introduced at the Emilia Romagna GP, but the event was canceled due to flooding. As a result, the rule is being tested for the first time in Hungary and will also be implemented again at Monza.

What happens if the tyre allocation rule proves successful?

If the experiment with the tyre allocation rule proves successful, it is likely to be deployed more extensively in 2024.

How have F1 drivers reacted to the new tyre allocation rule?

Initial feedback from F1 drivers has been critical of the new tyre allocation rule. Both Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton expressed concerns that the rule limits their track time during practice and negatively impacts the show for the fans.

What are Max Verstappen’s thoughts on the new rule?

Max Verstappen criticized the tyre allocation rule for forcing drivers to save tyres and limit their running during practice. He believes that the reduced track time is not conducive to proper preparation for the race.

What is Lewis Hamilton’s view on the new rule?

Lewis Hamilton echoed Max Verstappen’s sentiment and stated that the new format change is not ideal. He believes that F1 should consider looking into other areas, such as reducing the use of wet tyres, rather than restricting track time for the teams.

Did Kevin Magnussen propose an alternative solution?

Yes, Haas driver Kevin Magnussen offered an alternative solution. He suggested that if F1 wants to cut down on tyre use to save on transport emissions, the entire timetable should be under review, including the possibility of reducing the number of practice sessions.

How will the new tyre allocation rule impact the upcoming races?

The new tyre allocation rule will be tested in Hungary and Monza. If it proves successful, it may be implemented more widely in 2024, potentially affecting the strategies and performance of the teams in future races.

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crazy4racing July 21, 2023 - 9:19 pm

lovin’ the fierce competition between Verstappen n Hamilton, but this tyre rule’s a bummer. :/ hope F1 reconsiders dis move, need more vroooom!

racer_gurl95 July 21, 2023 - 9:34 pm

omg! i cant believe theyre cuttin da tyre allocation 4 F1 drivers! 🙁 datz so unfair, i wanna c more action n more laps! hope dis new rule doesnt stick, thumbs down!

trackstar_7 July 22, 2023 - 2:33 am

Can’t believe they cancelled the Emilia Romagna GP, but datz life. Hope dis Hungary test works out, let’s wait n watch! Go F1!

speeddemon July 22, 2023 - 5:11 pm

dis new tyre thing sux, man. y r dey messin wid da qualifying? vroom vroom! bring back da old rules, F1 was better b4!

F1_Fanatic88 July 22, 2023 - 8:36 pm

Haha, Magnussen’s got a point, fewer tyres, fewer sessions, rite? Let’s save some tyres n still enjoy da show, y’all! F1 can do it!


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