F1 Announces 24-Race 2024 Calendar, Chinese GP Returns

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The Formula 1 2024 calendar has been unveiled, resembling the initially planned schedule for 2023, with the highly anticipated return of the Chinese Grand Prix and no new additions to the lineup.

A notable change for the upcoming season is the scheduling of the first two races on Saturdays. The second round in Saudi Arabia has been shifted from Sunday to accommodate Ramadan, while the season opener in Bahrain has been moved forward by a day to maintain the usual time gap between events.

The inaugural Las Vegas race this year has set the stage for a revival of Saturday race days, which were once traditional in South Africa and at Silverstone until 1977.

Efforts to address logistical and sustainability concerns are evident in the 2024 calendar, as some races have been grouped together based on geographic proximity. Notably, the Middle Eastern events have been clustered to minimize travel distances.

China holds a significant position in the Formula 1 market, recognized by F1 and Liberty Media. Initially included in the provisional 2023 schedule, the Chinese Grand Prix had to be dropped for the fourth consecutive year due to ongoing effects of COVID-19. This year’s season currently stands at 22 races after the last-minute cancellation of the Emilia Romagna race at Imola.

The 2024 season will commence with the Bahrain Grand Prix following an official three-day test at the same venue from 21 to 23 February.

In contrast to this year, where there was a gap between the Bahrain and Saudi races, next season will feature consecutive weekends for the two events. This change aims to reduce travel for team personnel, as most members are expected to remain in the region rather than returning to Europe as they did this year.

Formula 1 has emphasized the possibility of established races moving from their traditional dates, demonstrated by Japan shifting from its usual late-season slot to early April. Suzuka has effectively swapped places with Azerbaijan, which now precedes Singapore in a September double-header.

Similar to this year’s calendar, Imola will be followed immediately by Monaco. However, the two races will no longer be part of a triple-header with Spain. Instead, the Barcelona event has been rescheduled to late June, forming the first leg of a logistically challenging triple-header that also includes Austria and Great Britain.

Apart from Baku’s move to September, the other significant change from the 2023 calendar is the relocation of Qatar to the penultimate race, forming another triple-header with Las Vegas and the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

The 2024 season will conclude in December, making it the latest finish to an F1 season since 2021.

Here is the complete Formula 1 2024 calendar:

  • 2 March: Bahrain, Sakhir
  • 9 March: Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
  • 24 March: Australia, Melbourne
  • 7 April: Japan, Suzuka
  • 21 April: China, Shanghai
  • 5 May: Miami, Miami
  • 19 May: Emilia Romagna, Imola
  • 26 May: Monaco, Monte Carlo
  • 9 June: Canada, Montreal
  • 23 June: Spain, Barcelona
  • 30 June: Austria, Spielberg
  • 7 July: Great Britain, Silverstone
  • 21 July: Hungary, Budapest
  • 28 July: Belgium, Spa
  • 25 August: Netherlands, Zandvoort
  • 1 September: Italy, Monza
  • 15 September: Azerbaijan, Baku
  • 22 September: Singapore, Marina Bay
  • 20 October: USA, Austin
  • 27 October: Mexico, Mexico City
  • 3 November: Brazil, Interlagos
  • 23 November: Las Vegas, Las Vegas
  • 1 December: Qatar, Losail
  • 8 December: Abu Dhabi, Yas Island

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Formula 1 calendar

What does the Formula 1 2024 calendar include?

The Formula 1 2024 calendar includes 24 races, with the Chinese Grand Prix making its return. It features Saturday races, logistical adjustments, and concludes in December.

Why were the first two races scheduled on Saturdays?

The first two races of the season were scheduled on Saturdays to accommodate the second round in Saudi Arabia, which moved from Sunday to respect Ramadan. This change allows for a normal time gap between events.

Why was the Chinese Grand Prix absent for several years?

The Chinese Grand Prix was absent for several years due to the lingering effects of COVID-19. It was initially included in the provisional 2023 schedule but had to be dropped. The 2024 calendar marks its return.

Will there be any changes to team travel arrangements in 2024?

In 2024, there will be a significant reduction in personnel travel for teams. With consecutive weekends for the Bahrain and Saudi races, most team members are expected to stay in the Middle Eastern region, minimizing travel back to Europe.

Are there any other notable changes in the 2024 calendar?

Apart from the return of the Chinese Grand Prix, the 2024 calendar sees Japan moving to an early April slot and Azerbaijan preceding Singapore in a September double-header. There are also adjustments to create a logistically challenging triple-header involving Spain, Austria, and Great Britain.

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