Estrella Galicia: How the F1 & MotoGP Sponsorship Is Building a Brand

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Dorna, the owner of MotoGP, has a new agreement with the Spanish beer brand Estrella Galicia. They created an impressive wooden structure that is both a networking hub and a way to make people more aware of the brand. This agreement shows how important making positive change is for Estrella Galicia in their business and as part of their relationship with MotoGP.

Ignacio Rivera was recently chosen as President for the Spanish Beer Industry – a success just like his great-grandfather before him, who started the company many years ago. He is really passionate about MotoGP motorcycle racing and has put a lot of effort into joining the world championship since 2011. Because of this, they’ve won multiple world championships in Moto3 and Moto2 and have even made it to MotoGP with Honda and Suzuki – so Ignacio believes consumers can appreciate their commitment to this sport!

Carmelo Ezpeleta and Ignacio Rivera have earned the chance to join a special group of people who support motor racing both as sponsors and by helping make the championship better. Estrella Galicia has long been involved in motorsport, especially MotoGP and Formula 1.

The brewer is successful in motor sports, as it promotes its alcohol-free 0.0 drinks, and it has been supporting the success ofMarc Marquez and Joan Mir – two Spanish riders who became World Champions in MotoGP racing. It also backs Carlos Sainz since his first F1 race with Toro Rosso back in 2015 till he started driving for Renault, McLaren and now Ferrari.

The company sponsors football teams like Celta and Valladolid in the Spanish La Liga, as well as doing deals with music, TV, and film productions – their biggest so far was working with the popular Netflix show ‘Money Heist’.

When Suzuki suddenly left MotoGP, everyone was surprised. The boss of the company said they had to rethink what they should do next.

As we came up with ideas for what to do next, an idea popped up that we had never even thought of before: Becoming a series sponsor!

We felt this was a great chance for our brand which is expanding around the world, as being part of MotoGP will give us a lot of public exposure. Joan Mir from Team Suzuki MotoGP showed how great this opportunity can be.

MotoGP is changing and Estrella Galicia believes this is an excellent time to become involved. To illustrate, it’s like how F1 wasn’t doing great when they joined in but it was still the right move.

Formula 1 racing is popular in Spain right now due to two amazing drivers, Sainz and Alonso. Their great performance has made F1 famous in Spain. They are pushing for the podiums and leading the way. Liberty Media, who took over F1 in 2016, was also able to boost F1 with their business skills. MotoGP should take a page from Liberty’s book on this one.

Recently, Formula 1 has become very popular again due to documentaries released by Netflix. Rivera thinks that the same success could be achieved with MotoGP as well. He believes that these two sports are quite similar and could learn from each other’s successes.

“F1 and MotoGP have a lot in common. In fact, F1 got some of its ideas from MotoGP. I think it makes sense for them to be inspired by each other”.

The family business, Estrella Galicia, wants to make a positive impact on society.

“Right now we are sponsoring Dorna and our goal is the same – to make a positive and sustainable difference.”

F1 drivers, such as Carlos Sainz from Ferrari (pictured!), have to use a strategy that includes thinking about the environment. This is so professional racing can become more eco-friendly and sustainable in the future. It’s important because right now motorsport uses fossil fuels like gasoline and this puts it at risk.

Our company cares deeply about making a positive difference in society. People want that more and more, so we are working hard to explain how motorcycling is advancing and innovating for this purpose.

Motorsport has been helpful for us when entering new places.

Rivera, who makes funny jokes about not giving up on growing Estrella Galicia worldwide even when sponsoring motorsports made little sense in the beginning, says that F1Flow is very important. He laughs and says his company should have fired him by now.

We sponsor MotoGP and F1, and people in 70 different countries know our company now. When we started this sponsorship, we weren’t well-known yet. Before that, 2 out of 3 euros of our marketing and communication budget were used for sponsorships while the remaining 1 euro was put into regular media. My plan is to use all 3 euros for sponsoring!

When we chose our sponsors, we wanted to pick people who had something special about them. We didn’t want just the fastest people but instead, looked for talented people from their origins. Our goal was to be the most beloved beer company and not necessarily the biggest one. To make that happen, we have to explain what our beer brand stands for to customers. Marc Marquez, Repsol Honda Team is pictured here with a Gold and Goose / F1Flow Images photograph.

We specialize in only one place for our manufacturing process; this is why it’s more challenging to do, because we only have one factory. This solid specialty helps us connect to the sports world, so when people understand that, they will be really close with us. We especially connected to youth, who are passionate about motor sports.

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