Enhanced Hospitality at Bathurst 1000 Inspired by F1

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The Australian racing series is taking its hospitality to new heights for the remaining spotlight races this year, introducing The Precinct by ESE, a luxury facility.

Drawing inspiration from F1’s elite Paddock Club, The Precinct will occupy a three-story, purpose-designed building.

The ambiance of the Paddock Club is recreated with the inclusion of upscale food and entertainment from DJs for guests.

Making its debut beside Mountain Straight at Mount Panorama, The Precinct will reappear at the Gold Coast 500 and Adelaide 500 events.

According to promotional content from Supercars, “The Precinct team, with an eye for detail, ensures that attendees can wholly plunge into the thrill of the last three showcase events of this championship season, marking the inaugural year of the Gen3 era.”

A special feature of The Precinct is the exclusive chance to interact with Supercars drivers daily, giving an intimate glimpse into the world of professional racing.

The high-end experience curated at The Precinct consists of a thoughtful selection of amenities, such as Piper Heidsieck French Champagne, a sophisticated assortment of top-tier beers and spirits, all-day espresso coffee, mini gelato cones in the afternoon, and freshly shucked oysters available during each day of service.

Blending the thrill of Supercars racing with the elegance of first-class hospitality, The Precinct aspires to be a remarkable and unforgettable experience for attendees.

The much-anticipated Bathurst 1000 event will unfold between October 5-8.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword The Precinct

What is The Precinct in the context of the Bathurst 1000?

The Precinct is a three-story, purpose-built hospitality facility inspired by F1’s Paddock Club. It will offer premium food, drinks, and entertainment, including the chance to meet Supercars drivers.

Where will The Precinct make its appearances?

The Precinct will make its first appearance at Mount Panorama alongside Mountain Straight, before returning for the Gold Coast 500 and Adelaide 500 events.

What are some of the premium offerings at The Precinct?

The offerings at The Precinct include Piper Heidsieck French Champagne, a selection of premium beers and spirits, espresso coffee all day, mini gelato cones, and freshly shucked oysters.

When will the Bathurst 1000 take place?

The Bathurst 1000 event will take place between October 5-8.

How does The Precinct enhance the experience of Supercars racing?

The Precinct enhances the experience by artfully blending the adrenaline of Supercars racing with the sophistication of premium hospitality, providing an up-close and personal experience with the stars of the racing category.

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