Dutch Grand Prix F1 Practice: Verstappen Outpaces Alonso and Hamilton, Setting the Pace

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In the first practice session for the Dutch Grand Prix, the local hero Max Verstappen led the charge, with Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton trailing close behind.

Sergio Perez in the other Red Bull car clocked the fourth-fastest time, being almost half a second slower than Verstappen. Meanwhile, the Ferrari duo was nowhere close to the top, having chosen not to run on soft tires during the entire FP1 session.

Verstappen came out strong, hitting the top of the time sheets with his first flying lap on the harder tires. He briefly lost his lead to George Russell and Hamilton but quickly reclaimed the top spot, setting the pace during the opening quarter of the hour-long session.

The home favorite demonstrated impressive control on the hard tires, increasing his lead by over two seconds in an initial nine-lap stint and finishing with an impressive best time of 1 minute 13.191 seconds.

After taking a brief break in the pits with the majority of the field, Verstappen returned to the track with a heavier fuel load, running on hard tires once again. As he circled a tad slower, Mercedes’ drivers closed the gap slightly with a series of personal bests.

Logan Sargeant of Williams started the trend of switching to soft tires just before the session’s midpoint, which catapulted him to the front with a 1 minute 12.814 seconds time. Perez soon took the lead with a 1 minute 12.323 seconds on his soft-shod lap, while Verstappen maintained his high-fuel strategy.

As FP1 neared its final third, Hamilton seemed ready to surpass Perez, but the session was abruptly halted when Nico Hulkenberg’s Haas spun off in a high-speed mishap through the penultimate corner.

Following an eight-minute delay to clear Hulkenberg’s car, the session resumed with a 10-minute sprint to the finish. Verstappen seized the opportunity, taking the lead with a blistering 1 minute 11.852 seconds time on the softs, while Hamilton and Alonso edged past Perez.

Despite appearing to gear up for a series of final flying laps, the leaders cooled their soft tires, with only Hamilton attempting a late push before backing off.

Verstappen’s mostly flawless session saw a minor hiccup with a trip across the gravel in the last lap, but he still finished strong. The Ferrari drivers languished at 16th and 19th, with Charles Leclerc ahead of Robert Shwartzman, who replaced Carlos Sainz for rookie practice.

Nico Hulkenberg finished 18th, unable to complete his first soft run due to his spin, and Lance Stroll’s engine issue prevented him from setting a time, forcing him to pit early.

Below are the complete results of the session:

  1. MAX VERSTAPPEN, Red Bull Racing, 31 laps, 1’11.852
  2. FERNANDO ALONSO, Aston Martin Racing, 22 laps, +0.278
  3. LEWIS HAMILTON, Mercedes, 24 laps, +0.373
  4. SERGIO PEREZ, Red Bull Racing, 27 laps, +0.471
  5. ALEX ALBON, Williams, 25 laps, +0.595
  6. LANDO NORRIS, McLaren, 22 laps, +0.608
  7. LOGAN SARGEANT, Williams, 30 laps, +0.765
  8. OSCAR PIASTRI, McLaren, 21 laps, +0.806
  9. YUKI TSUNODA, AlphaTauri, 21 laps, +0.897
  10. ESTEBAN OCON, Alpine, 29 laps, +0.950
  11. GEORGE RUSSELL, Mercedes, 23 laps, +0.961
  12. PIERRE GASLY, Alpine, 30 laps, +1.043
  13. DANIEL RICCIARDO, AlphaTauri, 26 laps, +1.138
  14. KEVIN MAGNUSSEN, Haas F1 Team, 30 laps, +1.470
  15. VALTTERI BOTTAS, Alfa Romeo F1 Team KICK, 30 laps, +1.596
  16. CHARLES LECLERC, Ferrari, 26 laps, +1.667
  17. ZHOU GUANYU, Alfa Romeo F1 Team KICK, 20 laps, +1.974
  18. NICO HULKENBERG, Haas F1 Team, 13 laps, +2.171
  19. ROBERT SHWARTZMAN, Ferrari, 25 laps, +2.951
  20. LANCE STROLL, Aston Martin Racing, 2 laps

The Dutch Grand Prix’s first practice was a thrilling start, filled with action, surprises, and a touch of drama. As fans gear up for the rest of the weekend, Verstappen’s strong start at his home track adds an extra layer of excitement, setting the stage for a fiercely contested race.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Verstappen

Who led the first practice session for the Dutch Grand Prix?

Max Verstappen led the first practice session for the Dutch Grand Prix, followed closely by Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

What was Sergio Perez’s position in the first practice?

Sergio Perez finished in fourth place during the first practice for the Dutch Grand Prix.

What incident caused a delay in the session?

The session was suspended and delayed for eight minutes after Nico Hulkenberg’s Haas spun off at high speed going through the penultimate corner, requiring it to be craned away.

What was notable about Verstappen’s performance?

Verstappen’s performance was remarkable as he topped the time sheets on the harder tires, gained a significant lead in the initial stint, and finished strong on the softs with a time of 1 minute 11.852 seconds.

Where did the Ferrari drivers finish in this practice session?

The Ferrari drivers finished well down the field, with Charles Leclerc in 16th and Robert Shwartzman in 19th during the first practice for the Dutch Grand Prix.

What issue prevented Lance Stroll from setting a time?

Lance Stroll was unable to set a time at all during the practice session due to a problem with his engine, forcing him to pit early.

Did anyone use soft tires during the practice session?

Yes, multiple drivers switched to soft tires during the practice session. Logan Sargeant led the switch to soft tires, followed by other drivers, including Verstappen, who topped the time on softs.

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TechGeek August 25, 2023 - 4:50 pm

Did anyone notice the yellow flow-viz paint on Verstappens car? What’s that about? Interested to know more bout it.

AlonsoSupporter August 25, 2023 - 10:31 pm

alonso in second, not bad at all, this year could be his year. Go aston martin!

Ferrari_Fanatic August 26, 2023 - 1:26 am

Ferrari 16th and 19th? this is so disappointing. they need to get their act together quick…

Hamilton4Ever August 26, 2023 - 5:31 am

Whats up with Hamilton? he used to be way ahead. hope he picks up the pace in the race…

HulkenFan August 26, 2023 - 11:22 am

poor Hulkenberg, just cant catch a break. he deserves so much more from his team and the car…


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