“Dream come true” Supercars promotion for red hot rookie

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“Living the Dream” – Rookie Sensation Ryan Wood Gets Supercars Promotion

In a move that has set the motorsports world abuzz, the young Kiwi sensation, Ryan Wood, is about to step into the spotlight as he takes over the coveted #2 entry from Percat in the upcoming Supercars season. With Percat bidding farewell to the Walkinshaw Andretti United (WAU) team after a challenging couple of years, the door has swung wide open for the red-hot rookie.

Hold onto your racing helmets, because it’s official – Wood is set to make a splash on the main stage, partnering with the skilled Chaz Mostert for the 2024 season. Just three events into his Supercars career, Wood’s meteoric rise to prominence is nothing short of remarkable. He boldly turned down a Porsche scholarship to embrace the WAU’s Foundation Academy program, a decision that has paved the way for his astonishing ascent.

Making a mark in the Supercars universe wasn’t an overnight journey for Wood. He first caught the attention of WAU while racing in the second-tier Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge series last year. His talents shone brightly during a driver evaluation test, securing him a spot in WAU’s foundation program. This move paid off in style as Wood soared through the ranks, leaving an indelible mark on the Super2 series. From a pole position on his debut in Newcastle to a dominant performance in the Perth round, he has proven his prowess.

Wood’s impressive achievements haven’t gone unnoticed beyond the WAU camp. Other powerhouse teams like Team 18 and Triple Eight have reportedly been interested in recruiting the rising star for the 2024 season. However, fate has intervened, and Wood’s contractual ties to WAU have sealed his destiny with the team that recognized his potential from the get-go.

In an emotional statement, Wood expressed his sheer excitement and gratitude, “It’s a dream come true to be racing in the Supercars championship with Walkinshaw Andretti United. It’s something you think about a lot as a kid and structure everything you do around, so for it to be coming true is pretty surreal to be honest.” His infectious enthusiasm and passion for the sport shine through as he acknowledges the collaborative effort that led him to this milestone.

Looking ahead to the future, Wood is determined to finish the current season strong and kick off 2024 with a bang. His teammate Chaz Mostert, a seasoned pro, is poised to mentor and guide Wood on his journey. Team co-owner Ryan Walkinshaw lauds Wood’s undeniable talent and the rapid progress he’s made. With an optimistic outlook, Walkinshaw states, “There will be a lot to learn, but he’s got a great teammate beside him in Chaz who will no doubt put Ryan under his wing, and some really experienced people in his corner, so we can’t wait to watch his career unfold.”

As the motorsports landscape continues to evolve, Wood’s promotion is a significant piece of the puzzle in the ever-shifting Supercars landscape. The pieces are falling into place, with BRT expanding to two cars and Tickford Racing streamlining its lineup. The dynamic driver James Courtney is poised to make a move to BRT, leaving Tickford, while the future of MSR remains uncertain.

In a sport where split-second decisions and lightning-fast reflexes define success, Ryan Wood’s journey from a Porsche scholarship offer to the pinnacle of Supercars is nothing short of inspirational. As the young Kiwi gears up to leave his mark on the racetrack, fans and fellow racers alike are ready to witness the rise of a new star in the Supercars constellation. So buckle up, racing enthusiasts, because the Wood era is upon us, and it’s bound to be a thrilling ride!

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