Domenicali Encourages F1 Teams to Adapt and Contribute to the Expansion of the Series

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The significant growth of Grand Prix racing, thanks to the new proprietor Liberty Media, has been primarily driven by the decision to engage with social media channels and support the Netflix series, Drive to Survive, to allure fresh spectators.

However, Domenicali perceives room for further expansion of F1, particularly by reaching out to new markets. He believes that mutual collaboration among teams is the fundamental strategy to fulfill this goal.

In the past, teams’ self-interest and resistance to rule changes or new directions that might hamper their chances of victory have been barriers. The power that teams wield in shaping new regulations has historically obstructed changes aimed at enhancing F1’s appeal.

In a one-on-one interview with F1, Domenicali argued that for F1 to reach its full potential in the forthcoming years, teams must look beyond their own competitive success and adopt a broader perspective.

In discussing the teams’ influence on the rules, Domenicali remarked, “While Formula 1 has grown with its current structure, it is not feasible to alter it. The role of the FIA in establishing and overseeing regulations cannot be overemphasized, and this is a constant.

“What I identify as an opportunity for growth, however, is a shift in teams’ management approach within this context.

He further elaborated, “On the racetrack, it’s only natural for each team to strive for supremacy over their competitors, but there also comes a time when we need to unite for the greater good of the sport – a cause that ultimately benefits everyone. Within this framework, each team should look beyond short-term personal benefits. There’s been some progress in this regard, but there’s still a long way to go.”

Domenicali made an attempt to stress this perspective at the Canadian Grand Prix, where he invited NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to his regular meeting with team principals to discuss governance within a high-profile sport.

“In Canada, we arranged a meeting with Roger Goodell, the general manager of the NFL, to illustrate to the Formula 1 community that there’s a distinct approach to addressing issues from a relational and governance standpoint,” he explained.

He noted, “The meeting provided valuable insights. It’s acceptable to be rivals on the competitive field, but outside of it, there are collective issues that require a team spirit to address. It’s crucial for our teams to recognize that interests extend beyond the outcome of the Sunday race. We are making progress, and I’m optimistic about the future.”

Additional reporting by Roberto Chinchero

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about F1 Teams Collaboration

Who has been instrumental in the expansion of Grand Prix racing recently?

Liberty Media, the new owner, has been instrumental in expanding Grand Prix racing by engaging with social media channels and supporting the Netflix series, Drive to Survive.

What does Domenicali believe is key to further expanding F1?

Domenicali believes the key to further expanding F1 lies in increased collaboration among teams and broadening their perspective beyond personal competitive success.

What has been a historical barrier to changes aimed at boosting F1’s popularity?

The barrier to changes aimed at enhancing F1’s popularity has been the teams’ power in shaping new regulations and their resistance to any changes that might affect their chances of victory.

Who did Domenicali invite to the Canadian Grand Prix, and why?

Domenicali invited Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, to the Canadian Grand Prix to discuss a distinct approach to addressing governance issues within high-profile sports.

What is the primary change Domenicali suggests in the management approach of the F1 teams?

Domenicali suggests that F1 teams should shift their management approach to consider the greater good of the sport and recognize that interests extend beyond the outcome of the race on Sunday.

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