Domenicali Confesses Brad Pitt’s New Movie Poses Major Challenge for F1

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A new movie is being made by the people who created Top Gun: Maverick, and Lewis Hamilton will be working as a producer and advisor. The filming for this movie is expected to begin soon at Silverstone, with some segments from real race events added into the scenes. Everything will be filmed around the normal racing schedule.

Last year, actor Brad Pitt, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Joseph Kosinski discussed with F1 team bosses at the US Grand Prix in Austin about how teams would be involved in making a movie about Formula 1. The CEO of the series wanted to make sure the production wouldn’t get in the way of any weekend racing activities.

Domenicali was talking to people who help to fund Formula 1 (F1) and he said that we need to try and do something different. At first, when F1 and Netflix started working together, some didn’t like it. But now they understand the benefits of it and we’ve also joined a lot of social media platforms to promote our sport.

Jerry Bruckheimer, an American film producer, will soon begin shooting a movie in Silverstone. It’ll be the first time ever that this type of production will be set up within a real racing event. We need to be careful while controlling all aspects of the production since it will show how F1 never stops!

The head of Liberty Media, Greg Maffei, believes that F1 shouldn’t just depend on the Netflix show Drive to Survive to promote their sport. He suggested that the use of this TV show is a good way to raise people’s awareness about F1.

Maffei even used The Simpsons as an example and said that not many TV shows can last as long as it has done, so relying on Drive to Survive alone will not work forever.

It’s important to stay modern and mix things up. That’s what we are doing with our F1 team. We are trying to use new platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and others to help us stand out. Thanks to Stefano for working on this!

This upcoming movie is going to be something special, similar to the excitement of Vegas. Although Drive to Survive has gained a large fanbase internationally, there are still many people who haven’t heard about it and its audience is not that huge overall.

A movie starring Brad Pitt, with help from Lewis Hamilton and a production by Bruckheimer and the same director from Top Gun: Maverick is about to be released. We have seen some of their work on the cars, which use technology from Top Gun. It’s going to look really cool!

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