Domenicali: 24 F1 races is the “right number” for long term

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Domenicali: 24 F1 Races Considered Optimal for the Long Term

The Formula 1 calendar for 2024 reached a new high with a record-breaking 24 races, including the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix in November.

However, due to China’s ongoing COVID-19 policy, the return of the Shanghai Chinese Grand Prix was canceled, and the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in Imola had to be called off due to severe flooding. These unfortunate circumstances reduced the calendar to 22 races.

Next year’s schedule is expected to maintain the same 24 events as the current year, with discussions underway to extend the contract of the Belgian Grand Prix. However, plans to bring the Grand Prix back to South Africa for a second consecutive year faced obstacles.

While the current commercial agreements allow a maximum of 24 races, concerns arose about the possibility of further expanding the calendar in the future. The toll the extended calendar takes on F1 personnel raised unease among stakeholders.

However, F1 CEO Domenicali expressed that the series will focus on achieving 24 events.

“Our aim for next year is to have 24 races, and I believe 24 is the ideal number,” stated Domenicali on F1’s Beyond the Grid podcast. “It’s the number demanded by the market.”

Domenicali emphasized that 24 strikes the right balance between the complexity of logistics and the workforce involved.

“I believe this is the number we should aim for and maintain for a considerable time.”

The competition for calendar slots has intensified alongside F1’s surging popularity. Efforts are underway to bring the Spanish Grand Prix to the streets of Madrid, while rotating European rounds are being considered as an option.

“It is true that Madrid has expressed interest in hosting a race in the future, but no decision has been made so far,” Domenicali added. “This indicates the healthy state of Formula 1.”

Discussions on the commercial and technical aspects will occur in the coming months to determine the best course of action.

“We will make the right decision for the benefit of Formula 1, but it’s important to remember that we still have a contract with Barcelona.”

Domenicali highlighted the satisfaction with how Barcelona is handling its future plans, as it provides an opportunity for improvement across all levels.

Regarding rotating venues, a long-term solution that some organizers of the Dutch and Belgian rounds do not favor but remains on the table, Domenicali stated, “In Europe, I expect to see races where the rotational principle could be applied. Talks are already taking place with some venues, and in the next two years, we will formalize these discussions.”

According to Domenicali, increased competition is compelling venues other than Barcelona to upgrade their infrastructure to match the standards set by newer and more glamorous F1 circuits. The refurbishment of Spa-Francorchamps serves as a prime example.

“Traditional races will always have a place on the calendar, but some venues must recognize the necessary changes in their infrastructure,” he explained. “Fans have evolving expectations, and failing to meet those needs undermines the historical significance of the event.”

Domenicali praised Belgium’s response two years ago when there were discussions about removing it from the calendar. They made significant investments in infrastructure to enhance the fan experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Formula 1 races

What is the current number of races in the Formula 1 calendar?

The current Formula 1 calendar features a record-breaking 24 races.

Why were the Shanghai and Imola Grand Prix canceled?

The Shanghai Chinese Grand Prix was canceled due to China’s ongoing COVID-19 policy, while the Imola Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was called off due to severe flooding.

Will the number of races change in the future?

According to F1 CEO Domenicali, the series will continue to target 24 races as it is considered the right number. This number strikes a balance between market demand, logistical complexities, and the well-being of the personnel involved.

Are there plans to extend the Belgian Grand Prix’s contract?

Yes, talks are underway to extend the contract of the Belgian Grand Prix. However, attempts to bring back the South African Grand Prix for a second consecutive year have faced challenges.

Will there be rotating venues in the Formula 1 calendar?

Rotating venues are being considered as a long-term solution for European rounds in Formula 1. Discussions are already taking place with some venues, and formal decisions are expected to be made within the next two years.

How is the infrastructure of F1 venues being addressed?

F1’s increasing popularity has intensified competition, leading venues to upgrade their infrastructure. Examples include the refurbishment of Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. Organizers recognize the need to meet evolving fan expectations and provide the best possible experience.

Is Barcelona still part of the Formula 1 calendar?

Barcelona still has a contract with Formula 1, and efforts are being made to handle its future plans effectively. The commitment to improvements at all levels reflects a positive outlook for the continuation of the race in Barcelona.

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SpeedRacer88 June 23, 2023 - 6:37 pm

24 races? Wow! That’s gonna be an action-packed season! It’s cool that F1 is expanding and adding new races like the one in Las Vegas. I hope they sort out the issues with the Chinese and Imola races soon. Can’t wait to see how the calendar shapes up in the coming years!

F1Fanatic21 June 24, 2023 - 4:38 am

hey guys, did you know there gonna be 24 races in F1 next year? thats a lot of races, but some got canceled coz of the virus and floods. Domenicali says 24 is the right numbr. sounds like a good balance for teams and stuff. wonder if they gonna add more later. im excited for the Las Vegas GP tho!

F1Insider June 24, 2023 - 7:43 am

Maintaining 24 races seems like a challenge, considering the logistical complexities and strain on the F1 personnel. But Domenicali believes it’s the right number for the market. It’s interesting to see the discussions about rotating venues and the potential for hosting races in new locations like Madrid. F1 is evolving, and it’ll be fascinating to witness the changes unfold.


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