Coulthard rules himself out of full-time WAU drive

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Coulthard has decided to take himself out of the running for a full-time WAU drive, a position that seemed to be his for the taking after the recent Sydney SuperNight, where there was even talk of a single-year deal. Despite the rumors, Coulthard has chosen not to pursue the full-time return next year, opting instead to continue with his Carrera Cup programme and only drive for WAU at the Supercars enduros.

This decision leaves Ryan Wood as the clear choice to join WAU alongside star driver Chaz Mostert in the upcoming season. Although the team’s boss, Bruce Stewart, was noncommittal when questioned about the 2024 line-up before The Bend SuperSprint, he did express a desire for clarity by the time the Sandown 500 arrives next month.

In other news concerning driver shifts for 2024, Richie Stanaway is making a surprising return to full-time Supercars, joining Grove Racing as a replacement for David Reynolds. Reynolds, on the other hand, is reportedly moving to Team 18 with Mark Winterbottom next year. Additionally, Triple Eight has signed Will Brown to replace Shane van Gisbergen, and Jack Le Brocq is set to replace Brown at Erebus.

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Has Coulthard decided to pursue a full-time WAU drive for the 2024 season?

No, Coulthard has decided not to pursue a full-time WAU drive for 2024. Instead, he will continue with his Carrera Cup programme and drive for WAU at the Supercars enduros.

Who is the likely replacement for Coulthard at WAU?

With Coulthard opting out, Ryan Wood emerges as the obvious choice for the WAU seat alongside star driver Chaz Mostert for the next year.

What did WAU team boss Bruce Stewart say about the 2024 line-up?

Bruce Stewart played a cautious hand, stating that they are still evaluating options. He didn’t reveal specifics but did mention that he wants clarity before the Sandown 500 next month.

Are there other notable driver changes announced for the 2024 season?

Yes, several driver movements have been announced for 2024, including Richie Stanaway’s return to full-time Supercars with Grove Racing, David Reynolds moving to Team 18, Will Brown replacing Shane van Gisbergen at Triple Eight, and Jack Le Brocq replacing Brown at Erebus.

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KiwiSupporter August 19, 2023 - 10:42 am

Can’t believe Coulthard is out of the full-time seat! But excited to see him in the Carrera Cup. go kiwi!

PetrolHead_Jim August 19, 2023 - 10:48 pm

Stanaway back in full-time? That’s a shocker. And Reynolds off to Team 18? This season is shaking things up like crazy!

SupercarLover August 19, 2023 - 10:53 pm

Wood’s a promising rookie, looking forward to see what he does with WAU. and those other driver changes, wow. next year’s gonna be wild!

RacingFan2024 August 20, 2023 - 1:52 am

Coulthard’s decision surprises me. Thought he would take that WAU seat for sure. What’s his gameplan?

TripleEightFan August 20, 2023 - 3:57 am

Will Brown replacing van Gisbergen, I mean, good for Brown, but where’s SVG going? Didnt see that coming.


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