Complexity of F1 Tyre Contract Rises as Pirelli Anticipates Contest with Bridgestone

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The Formula 1 tyre supply contract for the years 2025 to 2027, with a potential for an additional one-year extension, has entered its second phase of selection after the FIA initiated the bidding process.

The F1 governing body has evaluated the interested candidates and announced the shortlisted bidders. Pirelli and Bridgestone, a manufacturer based in Japan, have reportedly progressed to the next stage.

No official confirmation from the FIA about Bridgestone’s participation has been issued yet. However, Pirelli is mindful of the competition it faces for the upcoming F1 deal.

Having won the previous tyre contract for 2020 to 2023, extended by a year, over Hankook, Pirelli’s F1 Head Mario Isola admits that securing this new contract will pose a significant challenge.

According to Isola, the new tender documentation is more complex than before, with additional requirements and sections. The increased focus on sustainability, detailed product and service characteristics, and a greater need for engineering expertise have necessitated extensive paperwork.

FIA’s selection of the future tyre supplier will not only weigh technical and sporting facets of the tyres but also commercial aspects.

Pirelli emphasizes its past performance, asserting that its active involvement and partnership with the championship series should not be neglected. Over the years, Pirelli has supported track and race sponsorship, played an active role in F1’s Fan Zone, and contributed to the Pirelli Hot Laps experience.

In its 13-year involvement, Pirelli has continuously strived to meet evolving requests, from high degradation tyres to different power units, and even switching to 18-inch tyres. It has been a prominent player in promotional and marketing activities, addressing requests from the FIA and the promoter.

Isola perceives Pirelli’s role as a partner rather than a sponsor, and the company wishes to continue this cooperative and efficient relationship with stakeholders, drivers, and teams.

When asked about competing with Bridgestone, Isola mentioned that he was unaware of their strategy, making it challenging to comment on potential differences in approach.

Bridgestone remains silent regarding its bid for the F1 tyre supply contract.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about F1 tyre contract bidding

What is the F1 tyre contract bidding process for 2025-2027?

The F1 tyre contract bidding process refers to the selection process initiated by the FIA to determine the tyre supplier for the Formula 1 championship from 2025 to 2027. It involves evaluating applicants and selecting approved bidders to move forward in the competition.

Who are the potential contenders for the F1 tyre contract?

As per the information available, Pirelli and Bridgestone have been chosen to advance in the F1 tyre contract bidding process. However, no formal confirmation has been provided by the FIA regarding Bridgestone’s bid.

How does Pirelli perceive the competition for the F1 contract?

Pirelli acknowledges the increased difficulty in securing the future F1 tyre contract. The company’s F1 chief, Mario Isola, explains that the tender document for this contract is more complex compared to the previous one they applied for. Pirelli is aware of facing competition and expects a challenging battle.

What factors are considered in selecting the future tyre supplier for F1?

The selection process for the F1 tyre supplier takes into account technical and sporting aspects of the tyres, along with commercial considerations from the Formula 1 organization. Sustainability, product characteristics, service quality, and engineering capabilities are some of the factors evaluated.

How has Pirelli been involved in the F1 championship?

Pirelli has been actively engaged in the F1 championship beyond being a sponsor. They have worked as a partner, adapting their product to meet the evolving demands of the sport. Pirelli has supported track and race sponsorship, participated in F1’s Fan Zone activities, and contributed to the Pirelli Hot Laps experience. They emphasize their role as a cooperative partner rather than just a sponsor.

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