Close Examination of Supercars’ Bump-and-Run Controversies

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The incident occurred for the second time this year in Sydney last Saturday, when Shane van Gisbergen was hit with a five-second penalty, relegating him from the podium.

This penalty resulted from a minor collision with Will Brown’s bumper on the final lap.

This is the second instance of bump-and-run dispute this year, with Erebus previously alleging van Gisbergen of employing similar tactics in Perth. However, a post-race objection filed by Erebus in that case proved futile.

Van Gisbergen didn’t openly criticize the race control in Sydney, yet his stance was obvious.

“My feelings are akin to the Newcastle situation, where I don’t want to express anything,” he noted, referring to the well-known mute protest.

“If they had shown what transpired in the previous five laps, the racing and what people managed to escape… it was thrilling, but it was significantly more than that final corner. I’m uncertain.”

André Heimgartner supported his fellow New Zealander, mentioning that the late position shifts near the top often lead to penalties.

“It’s all about context, the standards set, and a myriad of other things occurring in the race,” he elaborated.

“And you don’t get to see all the racing that happens throughout the field. Often, you end up… well, Chaz [Mostert] is also frequently nudging people aside. Many drivers do it. It’s not unique to one person.

“The cameras just focus on that. Sometimes you upset people, sometimes you are the one getting upset.”

Anton De Pasquale concurred, emphasizing that context matters.

“It relies on whether you’re the one being shoved or doing the shoving,” he added. “It depends on your situation. That typically influences your post-race feelings.

“However, it’s all about the context. If it’s a consistent occurrence throughout the race, then it’s part of the game till the chequered flag. If it’s an isolated incident, then…”

Erebus team leader, Barry Ryan, was outraged by van Gisbergen’s behaviour at that time, causing him to launch into a profanity-laden tirade on live television, leading to a $2500 fine.

He later clarified to F1 that while lateral contact is acceptable, frontal to rear is not.

“It’s simply bump-and-run,” he explained. “It’s not permissible in any sport. NASCAR may tolerate many things, but not bump-and-run.

“It’s ironic, I was watching a feature on the NASCAR website last night discussing bump-and-run, and all drivers were unanimous in their rejection of it.

“It’s not acceptable as it equates to cheating. If you bump someone out, you pass them. It’s the simplest way. All we want to see are the side-by-side duels like the ones Will had with Cam [Waters] and [Chaz] Mostert.

“Shane is an expert at overtaking without resorting to bump-and-run. I don’t recall him receiving a penalty for the past five years. He was never going to evade this one. We simply wanted to ensure he didn’t.

“And that’s why I was livid. I was naturally under the impression that Shane always gets away with everything.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bump-and-Run Controversy

What incident occurred at the Supercars race in Sydney?

Shane van Gisbergen was penalized with a five-second penalty after a minor collision with Will Brown’s bumper on the final lap, which took him off the podium.

Why was Shane van Gisbergen penalized?

Van Gisbergen was penalized for employing a controversial tactic known as ‘bump-and-run’, where a driver makes contact with another car in order to pass it.

Who defended Shane van Gisbergen?

André Heimgartner, a fellow New Zealander, and Anton De Pasquale defended Shane, pointing out that the visibility of late changes in positions often contribute to penalties, and context is critical in these situations.

What is the stance of Erebus boss Barry Ryan on bump-and-run?

Barry Ryan, the boss of Erebus, expressed strong opposition to the bump-and-run tactic. He was so outraged by Van Gisbergen’s use of it that he even had an expletive-laden outburst on live TV, which cost him $2500. Ryan believes this tactic equates to cheating.

Has Shane van Gisbergen been penalized for ‘bump-and-run’ before?

This was the second time this year that Shane van Gisbergen was involved in a bump-and-run controversy. However, he hasn’t had a penalty for five years prior to these incidents.

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RacerFan23 August 2, 2023 - 2:33 am

Shanes always getting himself in trouble, ain’t he? But thats racing. bump n run ain’t no big deal.

RallyRacer27 August 2, 2023 - 11:21 am

Erebus has a point though, Bump n run can be seen as cheap. should be more about skill than nudging others off.

SuperFan99 August 2, 2023 - 1:53 pm

what i dont get is why this is a big deal now? Shane’s been doing this for years n now he’s getting penalized?

TracksideTom August 2, 2023 - 7:02 pm

Barry Ryan needs to chill! Racing’s racing and sometimes it gets rough.

KiwiRacingLover August 2, 2023 - 7:37 pm

As a fellow kiwi, i think Heimgartner is right. context matters! Van Gisbergen aint the only one doing it.


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