Carlos Sainz Seeks Explanation for Most Unfair Penalty Ever at Australian Grand Prix

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Ferrari driver, Sainz, got into a crash with fellow Spanish racer, Fernando Alonso during the second restarts of Australian Grand Prix. As FIA ( Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) gave their last decision, Sainz was on fourth place but was later given a five-second penalty for the incident. The race ultimately ended with the safety car and Sainz now sat on the 12th spot due to his penalty.

Sainz was really angry and wanted to talk to the stewards about the punishment he had got. He kept saying over team radio, “No, this isn’t okay! I won’t say anything until after the race has ended.”

After the competition, Sainz still wanted to speak with the stewards about his punishment. When asked later what he thought about it, Sainz said confidently: “I think this is the most unfair penalty I’ve ever received in my life!”

Before I say anything bad or swear words, I’d rather go talk to the stewards first and come back here. Because it wouldn’t be fair for me to talk right now, and I don’t feel good about it.

Fred Vasseur, who is in charge of the Ferrari team, agreed with his driver, thinking that the stewards reacted too quickly. This call would not have impacted the final podium result. Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso are two drivers for Ferrari SF-23 and Aston Martin AMR23 teams respectively.

At the last race in Saudi Arabia, it caused problems when the race officials gave Alonso a penalty after they finished, which changed the rankings and made George Russell get onto the podium, yet this decision was changed on review.

Alonso said he was frustrated that they took their decision before listening and finishing one lap behind the safety car.

It would have been the right thing to do to talk about what they both thought and saw before making any decisions. However, nothing from that conversation was going to change the outcome.

Sainz received two penalty points on his license because it was determined that he was entirely responsible for the accident.

The officials’s document stated that Car 14 was far ahead of Car 55 when they reached the first corner. But then, Car 55 crashed into Car 14 and caused it to spin off the road.

We thought about the situation where two cars ran into each other during the first lap of the restart. Usually in this kind of situation, the Stewards wouldn’t be very strict.

However, in this particular case, even though it was like a first lap incident, we decided that Car 55 had enough time to avoid crashing – but they didn’t do it.

– The Haas F1 team challenged the result of the Australian Grand Prix.

– Ocon complained that some drivers drove in a ‘suicidal’ way after they started up again.

Verstappen was permitted to start his race from so far forward due to Formula One’s rules.

– Carlos Sainz got a penalty, which means that Ferrari got no points from this weekend! Charles Leclerc hit Lance Stroll (from Aston Martin) at Turn 3, but this was viewed as a standard part of competing.

The outcome of the races has put the Italian car company behind in fourth place in a competition called the F1 World Constructors’ Championship. Red Bull is leading with 97 points, and this gap is only widening after three races.

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