Carlos Sainz: Ferrari Revealing Their “Different Approach” to the 2021 F1 Australian Grand Prix

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The Spanish driver, Sainz, said that the adjustments that his team has made recently to his car have made him feel more comfortable when driving it for one lap. After their race in Saudi Arabia, both Sainz and his teammate encountered some difficulties due to their choice of tyres. Since then, the team has been trying to figure out why this happened so they brought solutions with them when they came to Melbourne.

Ferrari didn’t change anything on their car, the SF-23, from race to race, so they could compare each run and make adjustments quickly. In Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Ferrari had the second fastest car after Red Bull in the qualifying round, however in Australia they came fourth with Carlos Sainz being fifth, and Charles Leclerc seventh.

Carlos Sainz, who drives for Ferrari SF-23 and Charles Leclerc, who also drives for Ferrari SF-23, said that the team is trying something different this weekend to try and improve the racing speed. They’ve changed the car set-up, but he’s not sure if it will show any improvement tomorrow when they test it out.

Sainz said that he was feeling great in the car while driving with the changed settings, even though they were trying to make the car do better in a race.

“I feel pretty positive,” he said. “We’ve done many changes from yesterday to try and help the performance of the car, mostly for the race.”

The changes I made have actually improved my performance over one lap. Unfortunately, I couldn’t show this today because in the final lap, I lost a few seconds in sector one which stopped me from getting a top three result which could have been really beneficial to me and the team.

I wasn’t prepared well either as they said some people may be ahead with fast laps but sadly, it didn’t turn out that way and cooling down the tyres before taking off cost me a lot of time when I started turning.

– Mercedes wants to beat Verstappen in the Australian GP and Russell said to “go for it”.

– Leclerc thinks he drove badly and there was a miscommunication with Sainz which caused a bad F1 qualifying.

– Perez discussed an issue with his brakes during the first round of Australian GP qualifications which left him feeling helpless.

– Alonso praised his best qualifing performance even though he was behind Mercedes.

Sainz noted that this time, they didn’t have any new car parts which might interfere in their attempt to figure out the issues.

After stopping for three weeks, it’s a good idea to do some experiments with the setups in the wind tunnel and car. We need to be very clear about what we want to improve on. That’s why we are currently testing things out and waiting to see which direction we should go in.

When it comes to race form, it is a big mystery. I’m really hoping that tomorrow will bring success, but I wish that I can keep up with the Astons and Mercedes cars and fight them.

“We are trying our hardest, but it’s like in Jeddah where we have to take a small step back to make it happen.”

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