Can Lewis Hamilton & Mercedes Bridge the Gap to Red Bull After Finishing on the Podium in Melbourne?

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The seven-time world champion racer started at third place but managed to get in the lead early on. He passed another driver, Verstappen, and took second place, which his team-mate George Russell had been in first for. However, once a safety car was called and changed into the first of three red flags all throughout the race, Russell dropped down to seventh place position.

Hamilton and Verstappen could change their car tires without losing time. During the race, Hamilton had control for a bit but then Verstappen sped ahead with a special device called DRS into Turn 9. Unfortunately, Russell couldn’t finish the race because his car caught on fire, but second place for Hamilton was Mercedes’ best result of the year even though they used an old model called W14.

Lewis Hamilton believes that while it will be difficult, it is not impossible for Mercedes to catch up to Red Bull, who are in the lead right now. Even though he feels uncomfortable inside his car because the cockpit is too far towards the front wheels, he still thinks they have a chance.

I’m driving as best I can with all the problems and I’m trying to find a solution. But it’s going to take me some time. Even though our results haven’t been great, it’s surprising that we’re in the race with Aston at this point of the season. Lewis Hamilton is driving for Mercedes F1 and Max Verstappen is driving for Red Bull Racing.

We have to keep on trying. A big thanks for everyone at the factory. Let’s keep going. We can make up the difference, even if it isn’t easy.

Hamilton has said that Mercedes has to look over their reliability record as Russell didn’t complete the race, and also McLaren had engine problems in the very first Bahrain season race.

Verstappen was declared the winner of the F1 Australian Grand Prix, beating Hamilton on the first lap. This was despite a problem with reliability that happened to George in the same race.

Hamilton then said he didn’t expect to be in second place but he’s still really thankful for it. He also mentioned it was bad luck for George because of his reliability issues.

The British driver made it clear that he was very worried his special Pirelli tires would not be able to last until the end of the race. Nevertheless, the FIA governing body decided to start two more red-flag restarts which helped with saving the tires.

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