Cadillac “proud” of Le Mans podium, knows where to improve – Westbrook

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Richard Westbrook and the Chip Ganassi Racing’s #2 V-Series.R team, representing Cadillac, had a mostly smooth 24-hour race, apart from a night-time spin caused by a downpour and slick tires.

The team, a regular participant in the World Endurance Championship and comprised of Westbrook, Earl Bamber, and Alex Lynn, ended the race one lap behind the leading Ferrari and Toyota, securing the third-place podium spot.

Westbrook acknowledged the bittersweet feelings of placing third at Le Mans, given his past experiences. However, he emphasized the pride he felt representing Cadillac, stating, “It’s a bit disappointing to finish third again, but it’s an honor to be part of Cadillac.”

Westbrook further noted, “We must applaud ourselves, even if we couldn’t match the pace of Ferrari and Toyota throughout the 24 hours. There were moments when we excelled.”

Identifying this race as a learning opportunity, he added, “This experience has highlighted areas we need to work on, it’s clear where they have the advantage. Our task now is to work diligently, learn from this, and return stronger next year. It’s an excellent kickoff to this program.”

Earl Bamber, Alex Lynn, Richard Westbrook, Cadillac Racing’s #2 V-Series.R
Photography by: Rainier Ehrhardt

Westbrook’s teammate, Lynn, echoed his sentiments, “I’m extremely delighted, it’s significant for us to have a podium finish in our first year. Bringing Cadillac back to Le Mans and landing a podium spot is genuinely special.”

Lynn congratulated Ferrari and Toyota, adding, “This was a superb event for sportscar racing, and hopefully, it marks the beginning of a new golden age.”

The General Motors family had additional cause for celebration as the sister brand, Corvette Racing, won the GTE Am class. Moreover, the NASCAR Garage 56 team managed to complete the race despite a transmission issue. The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, piloted by Jenson Button, Jimmie Johnson, and Mike Rockenfeller, finished in the 39th position overall, completing 285 laps.

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