Button Applauds Verstappen’s Formula 1 Prowess, Disputing Weak Teammate Claims

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In the ever-evolving world of Formula 1, the debate over who truly reigns supreme has raged on. Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, has faced his fair share of talented teammates over the years, including the likes of Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg. But now, Jenson Button, the 2009 world champion himself, has added his voice to the discussion, praising Max Verstappen for his exceptional adaptability behind the wheel.

Button, who once shared a garage with Hamilton during their stint at McLaren from 2010 to 2012, made a compelling case for Verstappen’s unique abilities. According to him, Verstappen possesses a remarkable skill: the capacity to adjust his driving style to suit the characteristics of the car he’s given. Button argues that not all drivers can accomplish this feat.

Button’s admiration for Verstappen doesn’t stop there. He expressed that if he were in a position to choose his opponent, he’d find himself more apprehensive about facing off against Max Verstappen than anyone else. This statement might raise a few eyebrows, considering Hamilton’s illustrious career and the caliber of drivers he’s competed against.

Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff, has suggested that Red Bull Racing tailors their cars specifically to suit Verstappen’s style of driving. On the other hand, Hamilton has hinted that he’s encountered more formidable teammates in the past. So, why does Button hold Verstappen in such high regard?

Button delves into the intricacies of Verstappen’s driving approach, particularly how he handles the cars that renowned Formula 1 designer Adrian Newey provides. According to Button, Newey presents Verstappen with a challenge by crafting a car designed to be the fastest in the world, albeit with reduced front-end grip. Verstappen’s response is telling. He embraces the car’s unique characteristics and extracts every ounce of performance from it. This adaptability sets him apart from many of his peers.

Button sums it up succinctly, noting that “Max is very good at that. And I think a lot of drivers struggle to compete with that.” Verstappen’s ability to maximize the potential of the car, even when it deviates from the conventional norm, has earned him Button’s respect.

Expanding on the ongoing debate about teammate comparisons, Button acknowledges that Lewis Hamilton has faced a roster of formidable partners in his career. Nevertheless, he emphasizes that Verstappen’s adaptability and his synergy with the car make him a daunting opponent. In Button’s view, Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, and Fernando Alonso stand out as the current crème de la crème of Formula 1, the trio that consistently dazzles on the track.

As for the current state of Formula 1, Button acknowledges the dominance of technology in the sport. He gives credit to Red Bull Racing for their current superiority, noting that they are excelling in the technological arms race.

Button was also asked for advice for Lando Norris, who is rumored to be a potential future teammate of Verstappen at Red Bull. Button’s counsel to the young McLaren driver is clear: to become a world champion, you must be the best, and that often means competing against the very best. Button draws from his own career, highlighting his move to McLaren to face Hamilton, widely regarded as the benchmark at the time.

However, Button acknowledges the unique challenges faced by Norris. The Red Bull car, he suggests, is tailored to Max Verstappen’s style, making it a tough fit for many other drivers. Norris faces a pivotal decision for his future in the sport. Should he wait for McLaren’s resurgence or take on the daunting task of challenging Verstappen on his own turf?

In conclusion, Jenson Button’s insights into the world of Formula 1 shed light on the multifaceted dynamics of the sport. Verstappen’s adaptability and ability to extract maximum performance from his machinery have earned him praise even from former champions like Button. The debate over teammates and competition continues to be a central theme in Formula 1, highlighting the enduring allure of this high-speed spectacle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Formula 1 Dynamics

Q: What does Jenson Button admire about Max Verstappen’s driving style?

A: Jenson Button admires Max Verstappen’s ability to adapt his driving style to the characteristics of the car he’s given. This adaptability sets Verstappen apart, allowing him to excel even when the car’s design is unconventional.

Q: How does Jenson Button view the comparison between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen?

A: Button acknowledges that Lewis Hamilton has faced strong teammates throughout his career, but he expresses more apprehension about competing against Max Verstappen due to his unique driving style and car synergy.

Q: What role does technology play in Formula 1, according to Jenson Button?

A: Button highlights the significant role of technology in Formula 1, acknowledging that it has become a crucial factor in the sport’s success. He credits Red Bull Racing for excelling in the technological aspects of the sport.

Q: What advice does Jenson Button offer to Lando Norris regarding his Formula 1 career?

A: Button advises Lando Norris to aspire to compete against the best in order to become a world champion. He notes the challenges of the Red Bull car, which is tailored to Max Verstappen’s style, and suggests Norris carefully consider his future options in the sport.

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SpeedDemon456 September 8, 2023 - 11:18 pm

Verstappen adapt, Lewis champ, and Button smart. Lando got big choice ahead. Red Bull tough car, tough team.

F1Fanatic23 September 9, 2023 - 6:17 pm

wow, Button knows what he’s talkin’ ’bout. Max, Lewis, and Alonso, they da best! F1 = tech race 4 real, Red Bull doin’ good job rn.


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