Brown Urges F1 to Improve Following Track Limits Controversy at Austria

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The Red Bull Ring witnessed incessant breaches of track limits by drivers at Turns 9 and 10, resulting in an overflow of incidents for the FIA stewards to examine.

The FIA was swamped with over 1,200 potential infractions on Sunday afternoon to ascertain whether drivers deserved penalties.

The meticulous process extended beyond four hours after the race, leading to an updated classification where Carlos Sainz, Lewis Hamilton, and Pierre Gasly were among those penalized well after the race concluded.

In addition to discussions about enhancing the Spielberg circuit’s track design to prevent a recurrence of this debacle, Brown argues that F1 should have a more proactive approach to mitigating issues as they arise throughout the race weekend.

During Friday’s qualifying, 47 laps were annulled for surpassing track limits, indicating an apparent warning that the issue could spill over into the race and necessitating a practical, temporary solution for modifying how track limits were enforced.

Brown expressed, “The area where we need to improve is that we were aware of the impending issue on Friday.”

Referring to the Spa 2021 episode, he continued, “We were aware of the potential problems at Spa on Sunday, but we merely observed it unfold.”

Drawing parallels with the incident at Indianapolis in 2005, Brown pointed out that F1 allowed the situation in Austria to unfold passively as well.

However, Brown commended the FIA for their “courageous” decision to persist in accounting for each violation post-race, despite the ensuing uproar.

After a successful protest by Aston Martin against the provisional result, the stewards imposed 12 track limit penalties on eight drivers.

Applauding the FIA’s handling of the situation, Brown said, “They could have easily decided to sidestep the issue due to the uproar it would create. However, their admission that these penalties needed attention was a brave move.”

But Brown emphasized the imperative of avoiding such situations in the future, asserting, “We cannot have a race where five hours later there’s such a significant alteration in penalties.”

Brown also suggested leveraging technology to manage such issues, especially when lap delays are concerned, “For instances like the last lap when someone breaches track limits, the technology available may not be fast enough. We need to ensure that such situations are prevented, and perform a thorough debrief to learn how we could have managed it differently.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about F1 Track Limits Enforcement

What incidents at the Red Bull Ring led to controversy?

Constant abuse of track limits by drivers at Turns 9 and 10 led to an overwhelming number of incidents for the FIA stewards to review. Over 1,200 potential transgressions had to be examined on Sunday afternoon to decide if penalties were deserved.

Which drivers were demoted after the race due to the track limit controversy?

Carlos Sainz, Lewis Hamilton, and Pierre Gasly were among the drivers demoted after the race due to the issue with track limits.

What is Brown’s suggestion for preventing similar issues in the future?

Brown suggests F1 should be more proactive in responding to developing problems over a race weekend. He also mentioned the need to leverage technology, especially for managing lap delays, to prevent such situations from occurring again.

How did the FIA respond to the controversy?

Despite the potential uproar, the FIA made a brave decision to persist in accounting for each violation post-race. This led to 12 track limit penalties imposed on eight drivers after Aston Martin’s successful protest against the provisional result.

What incidents does Brown compare to the Austria track limits saga?

Brown compared the Austria track limits saga to the Spa 2021 episode and the incident at Indianapolis in 2005, where potential issues were known on Friday but allowed to unfold passively.

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Speedster101 July 4, 2023 - 3:02 pm

agree with Brown! F1 needs 2 sort this out quick, like ASAP. We cant hav another race like this!

F1Fanatic July 4, 2023 - 5:16 pm

Wow, what a mess! Can’t believe F1 let this happen. They gotta get their act together, y’know?

GrandPrixGuru July 4, 2023 - 6:15 pm

Blame game again?? Its easy to talk after things went south. they shuld’ve been more proactive b4 the race, right?

TurboTara July 5, 2023 - 5:10 am

Hats off to the FIA for sticking with the penalties. Bold move, at least they’re tryin’ to make things right. But yeah, let’s hope they learn from this.

CircuitMaster July 5, 2023 - 5:33 am

Brown has a point tho…If the problem was obvious on friday, why wait for it to blow up on sunday? doesn’t make sense…


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