Bottas Disqualified from Qualifying for F1 British GP

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Valtteri Bottas has been disqualified from the qualifying session for the F1 British Grand Prix. This outcome is not uncommon, with the last driver to receive a similar penalty being Alex Albon at last year’s Australian GP.

During Q1, Bottas experienced a loss of power and came to a stop on the track. Despite already securing a spot in Q2 with an 11th place position, he was unable to continue to the next session. Consequently, without setting a lap time, he was classified in 15th place.

However, after the session, it was discovered by the FIA that the car did not have the mandatory minimum of one liter of fuel remaining for testing purposes. In addition, when a car stops on track during qualifying, the FIA calculates the amount of fuel that would have been consumed to return to the pits, as cars are required to make their way back under their own power (unlike at the end of races).

Jo Bauer, the FIA’s technical delegate, reported: “Following the qualifying session today, it was determined that car number 77 had only 0.090 liters of fuel remaining, instead of the required 1-liter fuel sample plus the amount needed to drive back to the garage (as stated in technical regulations article 6.5.2). The total calculated fuel required was 2.39 liters. Therefore, I am referring this matter to the stewards for their consideration.”

The stewards acknowledged that there were no mitigating circumstances for Alfa Romeo’s failure to provide the necessary fuel sample. As a result, the Alfa Romeo driver’s exclusion was confirmed, and he will start from the back of the grid. Consequently, Sergio Perez, Yuki Tsunoda, Zhou Guanyu, Nyck de Vries, and Kevin Magnussen each gained a position.

When questioned about the issue in qualifying, Bottas admitted he was uncertain why the car had stopped. He stated, “I don’t know yet. We need to find out. There are several possible reasons for the engine failure. It’s a disappointment, but there’s not much I can do about it.”

Bottas further expressed his satisfaction with making it to Q2 and acknowledged the close competition. He commented, “I didn’t actually see the final time from Q2, so I don’t know how close I was to the cutoff. At least we progressed to Q2 this time, and it was incredibly tight. I believe we have made some improvements since yesterday, so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see how our pace compares.”

Regarding the car’s latest upgrade package, Bottas recognized the progress made: “It’s a step forward. I can definitely feel the difference, and today we managed to extract more performance with the setup. It appears that the ride height and other adjustments were necessary. So, it’s a step in terms of handling higher-speed corners without compromising low-speed performance.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about disqualification

Why was Bottas disqualified from the F1 British GP qualifying?

Bottas was disqualified from the F1 British GP qualifying due to having insufficient fuel in his car. The FIA discovered that there was not the mandatory one liter of fuel left in the car for testing purposes, and the fuel sample taken amounted to only 0.090 liters.

What happens when a driver is disqualified from qualifying?

When a driver is disqualified from qualifying, they are removed from the session’s results and their lap times are invalidated. They lose their grid position and are usually required to start from the back of the grid in the race.

What are the consequences of Alfa Romeo’s failure to provide a sufficient fuel sample?

As a result of Alfa Romeo’s failure to provide a sufficient fuel sample, the driver from the team was also excluded from the qualifying session. They would start from the back of the grid, and other drivers would gain a position as a result.

Did Bottas know why his car had stopped during qualifying?

Bottas stated that he was unsure why his car had stopped during qualifying. He mentioned that there could be various reasons for an engine failure, and at that moment, he did not have the answer. Further investigation was required to determine the cause of the issue.

Did Bottas feel any improvements with the car’s latest upgrade package?

Bottas acknowledged feeling improvements with the car’s latest upgrade package. He mentioned that it was a step forward and that they were able to extract more performance with the setup. The adjustments, particularly related to ride height, seemed to have positively impacted the car’s handling in high-speed corners without compromising low-speed performance.

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SpeedDemon87 July 8, 2023 - 10:50 pm

Alfa Romeo got penalized too, man! they couldn’t provide a good fuel sample, so they had to start from the back of the grid. tough break, but rules are rules, right?

RaceEnthusiast July 9, 2023 - 2:24 am

I’m glad Bottas feels the upgrades! It’s a step forward for the team. The car’s handling improvements are awesome, especially in those high-speed corners. Can’t wait to see their pace in the race! #GoTeam!

F1Fanatic July 9, 2023 - 5:51 pm

It’s a bummer that Bottas doesn’t know why his car stopped. Can’t imagine the frustration of not being able to compete in the qualifying session. Hope they figure out what went wrong. #TeamBottas


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