Bottas Describes Alfa Romeo’s 2023 F1 Car as “Born” Off Target from Winter Goals

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This season, the Swiss racing team Alfa Romeo has collected a mere nine points over the initial dozen races, a stark contrast to the 51 points they had at this point last season. Valtteri Bottas’s eighth position in Bahrain during the season opener stands as the team’s pinnacle achievement this year.

According to Bottas, the reason for this shortfall stems from the team commencing the season on a back foot compared to the previous year. They’ve struggled to keep pace with the development of other teams, resulting in an underwhelming performance.

Despite the disappointment with the car’s current state, Bottas emphasized the importance of learning from this experience for their 2024 ambitions, rather than giving in to frustration and losing focus on future advancements.

“It’s clear that our start this season wasn’t as potent as the previous year, and recovering from that has been challenging,” Bottas declared.

“Indeed, we’ve introduced improvements, but so has the rest of the pack. It’s the nature of the game.

“We’re currently displeased with our output, and competing at the back isn’t where we want to be. However, we’re not defeated; our eyes are set on devising a strong strategy for the upcoming year.

“We have been outpaced in development, that’s certain. Moreover, the car’s innate performance was not up to our standards from the beginning. Since then, every team has been advancing, with some, like McLaren, making significant strides.

Valtteri Bottas, Alfa Romeo F1 Team

Photo by: Michael Potts / F1 Flow Images

“I’m referring to the desired performance benchmarks, whether concerning mechanics, aerodynamics, or tires – our starting level wasn’t where we wanted,” Bottas explained further.

He went on to reminisce about the team’s promising start to the previous season when they were among the few who met the weight target under the new regulations. However, this has overshadowed their efforts in 2023.

Bottas believes that the team’s average performance in the latter part of last year better symbolizes their potential. While the C43 model was not inherently defective, minor deficits across the vehicle cumulatively affected its performance.

“It seemed more promising in the first five or six races last year, partly because others were struggling, and we were meeting the weight limit.

“The mid and end of the season were probably more indicative of our true position. Yet, even from there, we hoped to advance.

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“There’s no single weak aspect of the car, the team, or the factories. It’s a combination of minor issues here and there. Our only option is to outwork the competition.

“We need to focus on the future and formulate a coherent strategy. There’s still some reorganization happening, including changes in management and other key roles. New members are joining later this year, and the impact of those changes won’t be visible until the future,” Bottas concluded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Certainly! Here’s the revised text description:Valtteri Bottas analyzes Alfa Romeo’s 2023 F1 woes, focusing on lessons learned and the strategic plan for future team success.

What is the main concern expressed by Valtteri Bottas about Alfa Romeo’s 2023 F1 season?

Bottas is mainly concerned about the team’s underwhelming performance in the 2023 season, particularly in comparison to the previous year. He points to the team’s weaker starting position and inability to keep pace with the development of other teams as key issues.

How does Bottas describe the team’s starting point for the season compared to the previous year?

Bottas describes the team’s starting point as not as strong as the previous year. The car’s innate performance level wasn’t up to their standards, and they’ve found it difficult to recover and match the developments of other teams.

What does Bottas suggest should be the focus for Alfa Romeo moving forward?

Bottas emphasizes the importance of learning from the current season’s setbacks rather than becoming frustrated. He suggests focusing on future plans, particularly for the 2024 season, and outworking other teams.

How does Bottas feel about the current performance of the Alfa Romeo team?

He is displeased with the team’s current performance, noting it’s tough racing at the back when they want to be close to the front. However, he is not defeated and sees the need to devise a strong strategy for the upcoming year.

What were Alfa Romeo’s achievements in the previous season, and how do they compare to the current season?

In the previous season, Alfa Romeo managed 51 points at the same interval, and they were one of the few teams to meet the weight target under new regulations. This contrasts with the current season, where they have managed just nine points over the opening 12 races.

Is there a specific area that Bottas identifies as weak in the car or team?

Bottas does not identify a particular area as weak. Instead, he points to a combination of minor issues across the car, team, and factories that have added up to affect the overall performance.

What changes are happening within the Alfa Romeo team according to Bottas?

Bottas mentions that there is some reorganization going on within the team, including changes in management and other key roles. New members will be joining later in the year, and the results of these changes are expected to be seen in the future.

More about Certainly! Here’s the revised text description:Valtteri Bottas analyzes Alfa Romeo’s 2023 F1 woes, focusing on lessons learned and the strategic plan for future team success.

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Tech_Guru August 22, 2023 - 3:58 pm

There upgrades haven’t matched the others, clear from the text. They need to focus more on innovation and technical development. Its the only way they’ll catch up.

F1_Enthusiast August 22, 2023 - 4:41 pm

After last season, this is a real let down. small issues here and there added up, huh That’s a lesson for all of us in life too. Always the little things.

Valtteri_Fan August 22, 2023 - 5:06 pm

I think in bottas we trust. He knows the game and he’s got a plan, doesn’t he He’s been through this before and will come out strong. Go team go!

SpeedJunkie August 22, 2023 - 5:58 pm

didnt see much progress this season from Alfa Romeo, they gotta step up their game. whats happening with the management?

RacingFan2023 August 23, 2023 - 8:31 am

Bottas really seem frustrated with the team performance but at least he’s optimistic about future. Hope they bounce back nxt year.


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