Bagnaia Was “Very Angry” After Argentina MotoGP Crash He Didn’t Understand

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The world champion was in third place for most of the 25-lap race at Rio Hondo, until he passed Alex Marquez on lap 15. He looked settled in second and almost won a podium before he slipped off his factory Ducati at the second last corner on lap 17. Though, he finished 16th when it ended and this cost him losing the lead of the championship after Marco Bezzecchi took first place.

Bagnaia says that he cannot figure out why he crashed even though he did nothing differently at Turn 13 compared to the way he did it before. He is really angry because his goal was to get rid of these kinds of mistakes in 2022.

He said, “I am so disappointed in myself for crashing like this. It’s hard to learn anything when you don’t understand why you crashed.”

I had gone 16 laps without a problem before this one. I had been doing the same things each lap when I crashed suddenly on my 17th lap. It wasn’t like other crashes, where people usually lose the front of their vehicle by braking too soon. This time, I lost the front while accelerating, which is harder to explain. Maybe this year I have become more precise and careful with fewer mistakes, but this time I made a mistake.

Francesco Bagnaia was really angry about something – in the second race of the year, he crashed. He said he felt great during the race but knew that Marco was way ahead. So, Bagnaia was just controlling his ride and not pushing it too much to be safe.

I’m really mad because usually I do not make such mistakes when I am in control. So, this is something that I need to figure out why it happened. Other racers were complaining about their tires wearing down but my tire did not feel any major drop in grip, so I don’t think the crash was related to that.

I didn’t experience a huge change at first, because I was being careful. Alex in front of me was pushing harder, so I stayed conservative and was able to make up the gap after half of the race. Then, suddenly, I crashed even though my bike had good rear grip and I could brake well and feel great with it. That’s why I don’t understand what happened.

“We were driving very quickly, and I think that might be why the crash happened. I’m the one at fault because I made a mistake.”

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