Australian Grand Prix Should Take Night Racing Seriously

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Someone asked if it would be possible to have a night race on the Albert Park circuit. Even though this person wasn’t sure, they suggested that they should consider thinking of new ideas for the event. The important thing here is that there’s a long-term agreement between Formula 1 and the Victorian Government that will last until 2037.

Back in June, a deal was made that would last until 2035. Then, two months later in December, the agreement was extended even further, lasting an additional two years.

Westacott is talking about this as he’s preparing to step down from his role in the Australian GP this coming June.

The Australian Grand Prix Corporation would like the race to happen in sunny weather. However, they also want to look ahead into the future and do new things. That is why Victoria’s government recently agreed a new deal – so events can still go on in 15 years from now. Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin AMR23 is connected here too.

Picture taken by Mark Sutton from the F1Flow Images team.

The cool thing is that for a long time, since 1996, Formula 1 has trusted our partnership. So what I suggest is to stay positive and open-minded!

Having a night race can be beneficial because it allows more people in Europe to watch it at a more convenient time.

But doing this comes with some challenges since there isn’t any track lighting set up yet.

The AGP has experimented with different starting times over recent years, primarily after 5pm local time since 2010. In 2015, the race was pushed back to 4pm and in later years it began at 4:10pm. However, following a two-year break due to the COVID pandemic, the start time moved further to 3pm in 2022.

Chris Horner is shocked with the FIA rules preventing teams from celebrating on F1’s famous pitwall. He also thinks that having a F1 sprint race in Baku (Azerbaijan) is a bad idea, due to the high possibility of an accident happening.

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