Australian Grand Prix Promoter Breaches F1 Rules After Track Invasion

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The Australian Grand Prix Corporation was given a special order after an action-packed race last year. This race had been stopped four times and the fourth interruption happened when Max Verstappen, in his Red Bull car, crossed the finish line while a big group of fans were on the track despite security trying to keep them out.

At the end of the race, fans were able to spot Nico Hulkenberg’s car which was parked at the exit of Turn 2. It was flashing red, meaning it was unsafe and may have had electric problems. Photo by Lionel Ng/F1Flow Images.

The FIA (a big international company) discovered that people running the event had done something wrong according to their rules. The FIA is now demanding that the people running the event come up with a plan to fix the problem quickly.

The stewards said that the Event was unsafe for spectators, drivers and race officials because plans meant to make it safe were not followed. The matter will now be investigated by the World Motor Sport Council to decide if more rules or punishments need to be put in place.

At the 2017 Australian Grand Prix, some spectators were able to enter the circuit during a cool-down lap. The AGPC (Australian Grand Prix Corporation) will investigate this and talk to police so they can find out how these fans managed to get to Nico Hulkenberg’s car while it was not safe. The FIA (International Automobile Federation) will review these findings.

The people in charge asked to be given until June 30th, 2023 to finish their investigation. But the officials said they need permission from the FIA first before they can start.

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