“Aston Martin Way”: How Fallows is Boosting F1 Team Performance

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In April, Fallows joined the Silverstone team from Red Bull Racing. People at Red Bull suggested that AMR23 was copied from their car. But McCullough stated that Fallows and Blandin wanted to combine their experience from other teams with that of existing team members.

The team has been asked to develop cars in the “Aston Martin way”. McCullough told us that two people had previously worked at Red Bull and Mercedes.

Dan wanted to do what he called the “Aston Martin way”, which means they would take all of their ideas and thoughts from different people, then they’d think about how they could make it better.

Dan has been very successful because he always looks at what other people are doing but still does things his own way. This is why Eric and Dan have a saying that it’s important to make the cars look different, even if you’re copying same areas of another car.

McCullough said that in 2022, many new members joined the Aston Martin F1 Team and worked really well as a team. Andrew Green was an important part of the team, but he has since left the project. Dan Fallows is currently the Technical Director for this team and was present at a Press Conference held by them.

Andrew Green was the chief leader this year for car design and development. He worked with Dan and Eric to make sure everything was improved from both a performance and aerodynamic perspective. They have been very happy with what they’ve seen and learned from two of the most accomplished teams in car design, Mercedes and Red Bull.

“Dan and Eric brought a lot of knowledge and experience to our team that has helped make us better. They also created an atmosphere of creative thinking which has been great for us. Everyone’s ideas and information have contributed greatly to our work, so they are really happy with what we have achieved.”

“Eric and Dan added some leadership, competitiveness, and enthusiasm to our team. During the 2023 season, we learned two lessons – We went in the wrong direction before and had to change it. Then Eric and Dan joined us in that process.”

– Ferrari is going through some struggles in Formula 1, and it’s not all about their drivers.

– Williams team doesn’t have to stay with Mercedes for their engine supply when 2026 comes around.

“It was agreed that Dan, Eric and Andrew Green would work together last year along with other important people in the team. This relationship appears to be very strong now.”

Last year, we weren’t successful at the start because we weren’t competitive enough. But Eric and Dan are really good people, who want this project to be a success. It’s nice working with them as they are so understanding and friendly.

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